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A Fight to Begin

I was in the grocery store last night
and I came across a picture of Patrick Swayze
on the cover of a tabloid mag.

Disbelief came over me.

That cant be Patrick.

Mr Dirty Dancer.

Mr Roadhouse Tough Guy.

Mr Saturday Night Live with Chris Farley as Chip & Dale dancers.

Holy cow.

Patrick has pancreatic cancer and looks like his number is almost up.

He is mostly bones and skin.

The cover title said “Patrick is fighting
to the very end.”

Now, what on earth would I bring this
sad story up.  Reason is, the title.

What is in us that this holds this
“never say die” mechanism.

Its the same one Holicost survivors
had in them.  This idea that no matter
what, I can decide I will never give up
until my body gives out.

The reason I bring this up is because
that same Never Give Up switch is inside
you and me.

You can use this Fight to the Bitter End mentality
and flip it – as your Fight to Begin.

It matters not how many times you’ve tried
your hand at getting back in shape.

What matters is you make a decision right
here – right now to take the first step
to improve your health.

Take one thing and focus on it.

For instance, you could say …

I’m going to drink more water.
Go get a glass now!

I’m gonna walk more.
Take a walk at lunch today for 5 minutes.

I’m gonna get stronger.
Do 10 pushups right now.

I’m gonna eat healthy.
Grab a salad instead of a burger at lunch.

Pick one area and focus your attention there.
Then observe how your actions
change in other areas. If your first step is
to walk more. Observe how you make
better fuel choices to put in your tank.

If your first step is to eat healthy, watch
how you have more energy to exercise
later in the day or early in the morning.

Pick one area.

And if you happen to need
a great exercise program to accelerate your
fatttt loss then, run over to
Linebacker Fitness.

I look forward to helping you on
your journey to a glowing more radiant YOU.


Vince Palko

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