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A Nasty Boil Pops

Thirty years of pent up sports frustration
popped like a nasty boil yet again for Cleveland fans
last night.

I have to admit I was texting a couple buddies
and pretty PO’d when the final second clicked.
Glad I didnt waste an entire season
watching all teh wins leading up to a horrible
playoff series.

And LeBron has no excuses this time
as to why they didnt get IT done.  Only person
to examine the man in the mirror and ask if he gave it
his all. Only he can honestly answer that.

The owner gave him a supporting cast to
drive to the championship.

Speculators out there think he is gone.
Only time will tell.

This AM I woke up early and washed
the frustration off me like dirt sliding off
my skin from taking a shower.

Cept my shower was a half mile swim
in the pool. Swimming always revitalizes your soul.

Here be the tip for today:

Take your frustration out productively.
Use it to do some good.
I saw a post on FB asking Clevelanders
to come down to a radio station where
a punching bag is set up
on the sidewalk.  This is an example of what I mean
that is both funny and useful.

Take your frustration out on exercise
you will feel a world of difference when you
are done.

Maybe you could care less about
sports.  At the same time, your boss is chafing your
butt because of something going on at work.
Or maybe your spouse didnt check with you
before making a huge purchase and you
are really burned up.

Whatever the cause of stress, use it
as fuel to burn your FIRE.

Do this and your well being and health
will improve simultaneously.

“Ahhhhhhhh, Feels soo good.”
Will be how you feel in the end.

Life will get back on track too.

Wish you well my friend.


Vince Palko

P.S. If you want other useful and productive
juicy nuggets to chew on like this one, make sure you GRAB
my book, Tackling Lifes Problems-
you will be in for a real treat!

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