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A Superfood Recipe this Halloween

Did you know there is a superfood in the midst of
candy this Halloween.

An abundance of it.

Want to know what it is.

Read on to find out.

Last night the girls and I carved up some pumpkins.
Two requests for kitty faces. The youngest got a traditional
carving with a smiley face.

After we finished cuttin up the big orange fruits – we saved the seeds.

Why not just pitch them, like most people do, with the rest of the slimy stuff
that is pulled from a pumpkin.

Well, there is a reason.

These oversized seeds are a rich source of amino acids
- the building blocks for super strong muscles.

Also, pumpkin seeds are high in glycine, glutamic acid
and also contain high amounts of zinc.
On top of that, a handful of pumpkin seeds offers
protection against prostate cancer. A common threat to
men over 50.

Now do you see why I kept these pieces
of nutritional gold.

You may wonder why go through the trouble of
doing all this on your own. Why not just buy store bought seeds.
Have you ever tasted those. They have enough salt on
them to fill three salt shakers. And thats from just one package.

So today I will give you my recipe for Palko’s Pumkin Seeds -
the superfood of all superfoods.

Step 1 – Carve up a pumpkin and pull guts from inside and place into a big bowl.
Step 2 – Separate seeds from other stringy mess by placing into a bowl of water.
Seeds will rise to the top – other stuff will sink.
Step 3 – Let pumpkin seeds sit in a flat bowl overnight.
Step 4 – Pat seeds down with paper towel to get most of moisture off seeds. (Light moisture is good)
Step 4 – Lay down tin foil on baking sheet and lightly salt.
Sidenote: I prefer very little salt. But a little bit of salt is fine to bring out full flavor of the seed.
Anything is better than store bought heavily salted seeds.
Step 5 – Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Step 6 – Bake seeds in middle rack for 15 minutes. You will smell them once they are finished.

Seeds should be slightly golden and have a smokey flavor to them.
Now dont overcook them. You dont want to fry out all the good nutritional elements.

So there you have it.

Enjoy your superfood this holiday and get healthier
while everyone around you is putting candy in their

Dont forget to mix in some Linebacker Fitness for good measure.

This will keep your blood pumping and burning
off any residual candy calories
that might have slipped down the hatch!

Unleash YOU!

Vince Palko

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