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A Walking Super Hero

A few weeks ago I mentioned
I had the opportunity to sit down
at lunch with an amazing man.

This guy is fascinating to talk to.

His name is Jeremiah Perez or
“Lord Jeremiah Moses Perez”
to the masses.

We connected instantly in that we are both into comics
and super heroes. Also, we are both big fans of illustrator Alex Ross.

Jeremiah is a super himself. He has the super hero
story to boot … You know the typical story.
Something happens in their life where they make a decision
to fight crime. And its some form of adversity that
they face before they transform into a super.

Well, Lord Jeremiah’s childhood has the perfect script
for a comic. Quick flashes to describe it …
Was never the biggest guy on the block. Got picked on by
gangs growing up in San Jose. Becomes a great street fighter and learns to defend
himself. No one messes with him. He joins a gang. Then eventually stops
gang bangin. He decides to put the information he’s gathered
through the years towards good not evil.

I mean, you couldnt write a better script.

And that is why I wanted to introduce him to you.
You’ll love him.

Now I could share some points on self defense myself,
but my course would not help you. Id suggest
tackling the punk into a light post and
pray your nose doesnt split open like
mine has done in the past. That wouldnt be good.

You want the dumb punk that messes with you to bleed.

So instead of sharing with you
points about self defense, a topic I know little about,
I’ll let him Lord Jeremiah share his amazing information with you.
Go out to Super Hero Systems and check him out.

His information is riveting and powerful. And you dont want to miss it.
Go here to grab your course today. Learn the simple yet powerful techniques Jeremiah
shares. Walk with your chest puffed out round town (with your woman)
trusting you can take out any thug who might step in your path.

Go here now,

Best regards,

Vince Palko

Ps. Have peace of mind knowing you can defend yourself – go
here NOW to find out more …

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