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A Win is a Win

We are back in it… I love when people say “WE” when referring
to their favorite sports team.

Who’s we? You got a mouse in your pocket?

So I will join other fans and say …. Yes, WE, the Cleveland Cavs
extended the series and defeated the Magic last night at the Q.

The red hot 3 ball gun slingers of the Magic cooled off
just a bit. We got rebounds and Lebron was sensational
in being responsible for 30 some last shots scored in the game.
He either assisted or scored the points himself.


Then you have the analysts, or should I say critics, after the game
who said, “The Cavs should be discouraged with their effort.”

“Too much pressure was put on Lebron.”

“He cant do that the next two games.”

Excuse me, when have I ever been discouraged after a win.

Where I come from a win is a win. Don’t matter how
ugly or pretty it was. It counts in the record books.

The Cavs extended the series. They are building momentum.
The outside shooters showed improvement. Who knows
how the next game will go. No two games I’ve watched in
the series have been the same so far. So why would you expect
this next one to be.

Many people wrote the Cavs off.

Before the game, I wrote on my Facebook wall
“Anything can happen on any given Saturday.”
Thats what we always thought and believed stepping on the turf playing football.

Well, anything can happen on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
and yes, Thursday too.

What about Friday? Sure, throw that day in there as well.

When you apply this mentality to your life, you will
be dumbfounded with how your life begins to flow
and open up with career opportunities, relationships,
unexpected cash appearing.

Start everyday with “Something good is going to surprise me TODAY.”

Do this while driving in your car.

While walking to the train station.

Waiting in line at the coffee shop.

Do this and watch how your life changes.

When you really believe this and practice it
consistently, soon little things miracles will appear
out of no where.

Have fun with it.

Until then understand a win is a win no matter how you
slice it.

So go WIN the day- baby!


Vince Palko

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