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Amazing Abs Program Hits the Market

Picked up and read a Sports Illustrated this morning
while munching an apple and sippin’ some H2O.

Leafed through and found three pages of gymnastic coverage
that caught my eye over and above all the football team previews,
Michael Vick’s debacle, and some other unimportant news.

Needless to say the couple colorful
gymnastic pages were a great reprieve from it all.

This Paul Hamm guy is incredible. In his picture, hes in a handstand
pose but his arms are stretched out and his body resembles a human X–
muscles flexing and body lean as can be.

It reminded me of my friend Eddie Baran who on the cover
of his new abs program is holding himself up with
just his two arms (like they are his legs). Doing this while he brings
both feet overhead and kisses his knees.
His legs tight, muscles flexed and ripped.

If you have never heard of Eddie Baran, he is the guy who at the age of 35
set out to learn gymnastics. And has become an expert in
it some 6 years later. Think of this, when most people are hanging
up their jockstraps at this age from sports they previously played,
Eddie was venturing off to apply himself in a totally new arena.
Now thats my kinda guy.

Thats why I invested in his course long after I attended a seminar
back in February where Eddie first showed myself and several
others the exercises. Reason is; I wanted Eddie to instruct me from the comforts
of my own home. And continually learn from him and master the movements.

Eddie and his twin brother are a dynamic duo instructing several dozens
of different core movements and exercises. All of which make the cut
for my own program. The good thing is there are exercises for the beginner
as well as advanced. I have my work cut out for me with a few of them.

The great thing about this course is you wont feel like
a fly boy or girl when doing them. You dont have to bee-bop to hip-hop music
or other goofy schemes (like some other ab programs out there) to get you moving.
Ones that are high on glitz but low on effectiveness and REAL results.

Eddie’s program is jam packed with information to give you
a set of strong, ripped core abdominal muscles.

Just check out the before and after picture of Eddie’s twin brother
and see what kind of results are waiting for you.

This program is awesome and a must to have in your DVD library
for your core workout days, which for me is every other day.

Go here to read more about it NOW at Amazing Abs.


Vince Palko

Ps. This guy Eddie is an expert who
has what I want, a lean set of ab muscles.
And I’m sure you will want them too.
Go here now to Amazing Abs.

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