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Anchor Your Mind for Achievement

From time to time I’m often asked
how a picture or illustration creates success in your life
and what the heck is a success anchor.

So I will pick up on our discussion from
the other day on the power of a visual.

In order to understand what an anchor is
let’s look at the most common
of anchors and that is a memory anchor.

I am sure if you saw a picture of your first
roadster or car a whole rush of memories and feelings would
come back.

How about a picture when your child turned one.
Can you see a picture of that around your house?
What feelings do you think of when you compare
who they’ve become to who they were before.

Or how about a picture from a past sporting
event with your cronies.

These are good memory jogging anchors.

The same is true for a success anchor.
But its slightly different.

For example, in my office hangs  a 17″ x 20″ picture
of the 1992 Ohio State game.
On the photo is printed –
September 12, 1992

Although we lost that game, we fought hard and
I dont have any ill-feelings of our performance.

To play in front of 94, 808 people and silence
them the whole first half – was a tremendous thrill.

This image brings back a rush of emotion
when I look at it.  The anchor that gets set
in my mind is an “I can do anything”
anchor.  If I can perform in a hostile environment,
at a high level, in pressure situations,
in front of four sky scrapers of fans on every side
–then I can do about anything I set my mind to.

Another item in my office is not a picture but a hand written letter
that is displayed.  Its from Kevin Plank, the founder
and CEO of the amazing Under Armour company.

The message he wrote is not for this email.

However, this framed note is a “follow your passion and change the world”
anchor that plants itself every time I gaze at it.
This man built his goliath business from
nothing and revolutionized the sports apparel industry.
This “david” came out of no where
and in a very short window of time is doing battle with
the goliath’s of the sports apparel industry like Nike and Adidas.

Now, the trick is to find images and things of your
past that empower you. Images that anchor thoughts of success
not only every time you look there way, but also
infuse you with energy when you walk past.

I am sure you could think of a few images
of yourself that remind you of a time when
you were in your prime; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And its important to also lead your mind as well.
Meaning, stretch your mind to think of a future seen
in hollywood.  Make this vision larger than life.
Make it unbelievable.

Sketches and illustrations are great for this.
Why because some things you cant capture
in a picture. Like my Money Magnet
image that comes as a bonus when you
sign up for my Success Club.

To see the image visit …

And thats just the start of what you get when you sign
up to be a member of my unique band of brothers
and sisters in the Success Rocket Ride Club.

Lead your mind in the direction you want it ..
keep it focused like a high powered laser. Have
success anchors all over your office and house and car.
So your mind cannot escape your intention and vision.

This aint no typical club that exists on the internet,
I am sure you’ll realize.

Go here NOW to find out more…


Vincent Palko

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