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As Powerful as a Ferrari Engine

So let me catch up those who may have missed yesterday’s hmail. I mean email.

Here was the question …

“What do inflamed gums, a red tip nose and a vertical crease
in the left ear lobe reveal about your body?”

I posed this question to engage you on a health tip.

Had several guesses but only one nailed it.

Here is the email I received from the winning Palkster Reader:

“Doom, drop dead, heart attack,or pathophysiology
of your circulatory system..  Growing up in the funeral home
we also had the ambulance service.  Picked up quite a
few with this syndrome.   Usually were dead before they hit the floor.
All had red noses, the big crease in the ear, and hairy, and also horrible gums.
Steve”Golden Gopher “Edling

Congrats to the Golden Gopher. Thanks for your assistance today!

If you recognize these signs in yourself or someone else, make sure
to make an appointment with your physician soon.

Now let’s talk a bit about heart health in general.

Most think you have to take it easy on the ole ticker so it wont break down.
Don’t beat it up by making it pump in more than its used to.

However, that’s a misnomer.

The heart is likened to a Ferrari engine that only knows
how to go fast. Its only when we dont use it – it begins
to break down. Inflammation is the body’s normal response to
damage. However, when inflammation becomes chronic
it leads to degenerative diseases and hardening of the arteries.

This hardening of the arteries leads to arterial plaque, which lessons
the flow to the heart, brain and so on increasing the risk of heard attack
and strokes.

Two things to combat this degeneration in the heart… increase
the amount of antioxidants and anti inflammatory nutrients primarily found in fruits and veggies.

I’ll reveal more antioxidants in the months to come.

The second thing to improve your heart health
is to fire it up everyday.  Get her pumping large stores of
blood through your system at a high rate of speed.

Like that powerful Ferrari engine, that needs to be let out
on an Italian freeway, so too does your heart.

Its not necessarily better to go for long stretches. Do you do
that with your hot rod? No. You wind it out for a couple miles
and then you let your foot off the gas and it returns back to normal speed.

You can receive amazing results from doing the same
with my program Linebacker Fitness. It only takes a few
minutes a day to rev the engines.

And believe me – they will be hummin after just a few minutes.

If you want a heart as strong and powerful as a Ferrari engine, run over
to LINEBACKER FITNESS and take advantage of this
truckload of material and tools that
arrives at your doorstep.

You’ll be glad you did.


Vince Palko

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