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Astounding Recovery

This month’s Success Rocket Ride newsletter is
going to be astounding.

Why? Well, in it I reveal an astounding cancer recovery story.

Principles I have lived with my entire life
and even have written about extensively in my new book
Tackling Life’s Problems assisted a young vibrant
woman who was diagnosed with cancer about a month
ago.  When I say assisted I put it lightly – the themes blasted cancer right back outta of her life as quickly as they seemed to attack her.

All it took was a few calls and some coaching
to turn this young woman’s mindset around.

Every time she went to the doctor she received bad news.

When she went for second opinions, she got even worse news.

When we talked I could hear that the compounding
bad news was taking its toll.  So story after story
I pulled out, example after example on people
who didnt choose to accept the doctors thoughts
on the state of affairs in the body.

I drew her a picture and sent it to her
showing that the only person she can let influence
her outcome was her.

I sketched a picture of a castle in the form of a brain.
I put her out in front of the castle holding a spear
guarding the drawbridge to her mind.

This is a common success principle of forming
images of success that I write extensively about
on a plethora of topics in my new book, Tackling Life’s Problems.

At one point I could sense her energy slipping to
and she said she was going to drink herself
into a drunken stuper.

The last story I gave her was that if a woman who
had smoked for 70 years can over come the deadly disease, then she can too. Especially, being that this young woman exercises and eats well.

Come a few days later and I receive a note from her
saying her doctors, gave her good news. She
has made an astounding recovery.

The lump in her breast is gone. The other nodes in
her chest are not cancerous.

Wow imagine that.

And she did. Over and over.

Her vision to be strong, healthy while attaqcking
the cancerous tumor, prevailed.

The point of this email today.

You choose what you want to let into your mind.
When you receive not so good news.

You decide what you will focus on and what you wont.

You are the keeper of your castle, your mental
well being place of peace. YOU are.

Not the doctors. Not the naysayers. Not
the government. Not the debtors. Not BIG MEDIA.
Not your mayor. Not the family members who
think you’re a dreamer. Not your friends who
say it cant be done.

YOU and you only.

Guard your castle well.

Nuff said, now lets get after it!


Vince Palko

P.S. Thanks for letting me blast this one out without
going back through checking for typos. If you find yourself doing this, then you have missed the main message for today.

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