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Avoid Flu Shots and Simply Jump

Popped into my local juice bar down the way
for my favorite, P B & J — a berry mix with a dash of peanut butter.

While there, I leafed through a book on Natural Cures.

Came across a passage that caught my attention.

The author was talking about the benefit of jumping on a trampoline.
And by doing so how you could stave off illness and sickness.

I’ll paraphrase what it said…

Jumping strengthens every cell on every level.

The benefits of cellular exercise include:

1) Increase oxygen to the cells – pretty self explantory.

2) Movement of lymph fluids – the lymph glands aid in the elimnation
process and jumping helps the fluid keep moving through them

3) Cell stimulation – Every cell produces waist. Jumping helps
stimulate and get rid of waist on a cellular level

4) Opening of energy channels – Energy flows just like blood.
Sometimes it gets blocked. Jumping keeps these energy pathways open.

5) Release of tension – Jumping bounces the stress right out of you.
Stress is the silent killer. Dont move and risk letting negative
feelings build up and lodge somewhere in your body. Or jump and rid yourself
of them almost completely.

Now trampolines are fun. Yet, how many people
have them in their backyard. Or better yet, who wants them.
The big ones take forever to set-up. Plus, they are an accident waiting
to happen, especially if you have kids around. And the little tramps
clutter up your house or basement.

Thats why I like jumping rope. It can do wonders for
your health. You get all the benefits listed above
without having to store away lunky equipment.

If you think all you need is a jump rope — think again.
Their is a proper way and attire to jump so you dont get injured.

And there are dozens and dozens of foot drills, jumps and
movements to keep your routines fresh, fun and new.
All are included in my LB Fitness manual included in
the huge box of other goodies that come with the program.

So jump your way to a healthier you. Do so by clickin on the link
right HERE …


Vince Palko

P.S. The good news is jumping and twirling the rope
at the same time builds coordination which also strengthens
your mind and mental capacity… just another benefit
in doing the powerful Linebacker program… get it here NOW.

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