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Awaken The Genius Within

I saw it clear as the nose in front of my face.

The works of conforming instruction taught to our daughter. That is until I stepped in.

Among other things, I’m an artist. I enjoy painting, drawing and creating new things. I’ve created several murals in my daughters rooms as well as my office. Don’t worry, this will all tie together in a bit.

Anyway, I finished up a conference call the other night and ran upstairs to say ga’ night to the girls.

When I went to kiss Sophia, my oldest, she said, “Mom said your gonna be mad at me.”


“I drew on the wall.”

“So – - – Are you an artist.”


“Then you are aloud to draw on the walls of your room if you’d like. Good job.”

The relieved look I received was magical. Freedom and independence also poured from her ora. Something took root inside too.

As parents sometimes we stifle our kids creativity because of our own image conscious priorities. What will others think of our house when they come to visit.

Adults were once creative geniuses as little kids. I remember seeing a study of kids creativity being 400% more intense than adults. Every year that passes that number decreases rapidly.

Largely due to the smothering of conformity in grade school, high school, college and then in corporate “dumb” America, the majority of the people have lost their true identity- their real self, their creative genius. Parents, teachers, and other kids are all guilty of this.

Once we reach adulthood, we’re left hold the bag of asking ‘Who am I.’ We have no clue what makes us unique and different to stand out from the crowd.

Spring is a time of rebirth. As the spring buds form on the trees and plants, allow your ‘real self’ revive and awaken.

Make today the start of your personal blume.

And if you have kids, fuel their creativity, don’t extinguish their firey flames.

Visit and wildly exaggerate what makes you unique
to stand out from the crowd. Celebrate it.

Be Different,

Vince Palko

Ps. Hope you enjoyed your Easter. I was busy enjoying ours and never got to sending this email. As each holiday passes, I’m greatful to be sharing it with you. Thank you to you.

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