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Bedtime Bear Crawls

The other night I had not gotten a workout in and it was time to tuck the ‘el kiddos into bed.

So I thought – time to do some bedtime bear crawls.

But not just any bedtime bear crawls, growling bedtime bear crawls.

I went from room to room chasing the girlies on all fours.

My middle daughter couldnt stop giggling saying,
“Daddy, you look like a LITTLE bear. Hey little bear.”

And on and on.

I chased them from room to room,
then I’d tackle them and growl and kiss em.
Then back on all fours sprinting out
of the room and find the next little one
to tackle into their bed and rough up.

Yeah, not the best way to relax kids for bed
but I’ll do just about anything to make my girls laugh.

And I will do whatever I can by the end of
the day to make myself out of breath from
moving my body.

When you laugh and exercise guess what this does to  your
mind. Yes, you guessed it, you associate FUN with exercise
leading you to do it MORE often. Never allowing fat to cling to
your body for very long.

This sounds like a good thing for you to do as well my friend.
Try it out.

There is a workout under every rock if you are willing
to look.  Does it have to be perfect form every time, with an outline of
what you are going to do? Hogwash… just get moving.

Enjoy your bedtime bear crawls!


Vince W. Palko

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