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Bend but don’t break mentality

In football there is a term called “bend but dont break.”

It pertains to the defenses strong determination
to not let up a touchdown and be overcome.

This term is used when your back is against
a wall usually on your own goal line.
You have two choices;  give up or keep
fighting your ass off to defeat your opponent.

When the latter happens you get the ball back
for your offense and you get to take a break
on the sideline. Your job is done, temporarily.

Instead of sharing a story from the glory days
that illustrates this concept, you can
watch one which might be faster than writing it.

In life, this bend but dont break mentality can be applied as well.
The news says there are a ton of people
struggling.  I only know this from small snibbets
when I turn on the Tv. People who struggling right now … its not necessary their fault. There were many forces at play here.

This i do know. Its not all doom and gloom
with stories I hear from folks close to me kickin butt.

How you handle struggles and overcome problems
ultimately determines your success.

I know I wouldnt be where I am today if it werent
for the challenging times where I got my ass kicked.
How I got bounced around in the game
of life but always kept my balance and worked through
the challenges.

Applying this ‘bend but dont break’ mentality means
you dont let your circumstances get you down… and
always be in search of the next opportunity.

Dont wallow in self pity. Less you get more of the same.

Instead, focus and direct your mind on solutions
that lead to a momentum shift. Think, though I may be down,
I am definitely NOT out.  I have a brain on my head, air n my lungs, and
muscles on my body to turn this ship around.

Bend but dont break means anything can happen
on any given day to give you a break, receiving that phone
call out of the blue leading to a brand new lucrative opportunity.

Key element is you have to BELIEVE.

- Believe in yourself.

- Believe in the outcome that’s arriving soon.

- Believe in the universe stepping up to support your vision.

- Believe that you are not alone.

- Believe you are on the verge of busting loose and outta the pack

- Believe you will HAVE exactly what you are intending.

No matter how dire your situation, BELIEVE.

For those who want more out of life who
want to hear more about my bend but dont break
philosophies and many more, sign up for my
momentum shifting, life-changing newsletter found at:

I loooooove to assist folks who want to change.
Those that are on the verge of a break out and dont even
know it. One slight shift of your thought and wammo!
You win.

Remember this, you become what you think about
100% of the time.

My club is not for everyone..
Its for those who dont let the news infultrate their minds.
Its for those who direct their thoughts as if they are writing their own movie

One way my team does this is they consciously surround themselves
with piles of success information.

I had one client tell me he invests NOT in big screen tv’s but
in success information like my club.  And others as well.
Those are the kinds of folks I want on my team.

If you are one of these players, then I want you on my team. Run
to Vince’s Success Club and get on board now.

Signing off.


Vince Palko

P.S. I have some good news I’ll be sharing with
you later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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