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Beware of Holiday Sitting

As the holidays draw near – you will
need this secret to get you fit.  To get fit while others sit.

Now dont get me wrong.  I like to relax
and take it easy ’round the holidays.

But just like on vacation (or any other time when
I have extra free time) make sure you get active.
This way you wont feel slow as a slug
after you return from the holidays.  And the task for getting
in shape for the new year wont be as daunting.

Like those around you who will sit, sit, sit and sit some more…
while sipping coffee, eating coffee cake and talking up a storm.

I call the secret M.T.E.

More on that in a bit.

Last week I was on the road
back in Akron, caring for Dad who
is recovering from surgery.

Side note: 3 cheers for Dr. Bill
for providing excellent restoring tips
that Dads doc didn’t even suggest.

Go check out his website here:

When I got to Dads … Faith Hill, was having her
Christmas special on his big screen. We both sat mesmerized by
her mighty fine singing voice and larger than life- fine energy.
However, am normally not a TV sitter or news watcher.

So at some point – I had to bust free
of the boob tube and M.T.E. time… Make Time to Exercise.

The perfect moment came when
pops decided to take a nap.

So I helped him into bed and put
on my rain slicker and headed outside.
Since I forgot my linebacker rope that comes with
Linebacker Fitness …

I jogged down to where people were ice skating.
and warmed up next to a metal barrel of burning wood.

Then I ran along the grey Cuyahoga River skyline and also did some
stair work.  I stopped next to a raging waterfall, stood up
on a large stone protruding out of the river and performed
some recharging qi gong exercises
(taught by Dr. Wu…. seen here

There is an over abundance of energy waiting
for you when you exercise next to powerful forces
in nature. But thats another talk for another time.

And when I walked back into the house, I was a new man.

My face was bright red (from the wind) and my fat burning furnace roaring.

Perfect for kicking back, relaxing with dad (as he healed)
and catching up on our movies together.  Not to mention taking time to
lead him through some powerful, powerful healing visualizations.

So this holiday beware of the holiday sitter and sitting
that takes place… discover ways to politely excuse
yourself and find ways to M.T.E.

And come the new year you’ll be off and running
towards a fitter, healthier, happier YOU.


Vince Palko

P.S. Tough times call for tough people, and I’m excited to introduce
a new book all around this theme, soon to be released.

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