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Biggest upset of the week

I wanna talk to you about the biggest upset last week.
And it doesn’t have to do with any overhyped
college or NFL game.

Let’s take you to the dusty wrestling mats of
Findlay High School
and a young junior named, Max.

This young man wrestles heavyweight, yet is at a
distinct disadvantage being he weighs a mere 240 lbs when his
foes are at least 285 or heavier.
He does have a height advantage though with a towering 6’5″ frame.

So all he has to do is to keep his caloric intake steady
to gain weight. But its not that easy.  A miniscule 3 pound gain
is worthy of a celebration because nothing sticks to his tall frame.

So each morning his Mom prepares a hearty breakfast then
he heads off to the gym.  He lost his father way before he
ever got to know him.

Mom acts as both Mom and Dad to Max.  She knows more about
the sport than any other mother. And she ensures her heavyweight is
well-fed to keep up with his opponents.

In many ways, she is like a second coach too, as she invested in a personal
strength coach who’ll help beef up his skinny frame.

Now let’s talk about Max. What makes this kid also unique is his
ability to paint and draw.  So he has had experience of taking the
pictures in his mind and putting them to paper.
An integral key component to success along with the
goals he sets for himself. He is a young man who wants
to succeed not only for himself but for his mom and his coach.

Last week Max was ranked #10 in Division II and he faced
an opponent who was number 1. It was a hard fought battle that lasted 10 minutes… but when the dust on the mat settled Max’s arm
was raised.  Holy smokes he won!

A couple weeks before the match – Mom hired me to create a
Success Visual of Max winning state.

In the framed illustration, I tried to capture the feeling of the pride he
would feel winning it as well as the pride his mom would experience
when the two hugged afterward.

Creating a highly emotionally charged picture of the future that doesnt exist yet
is the fastest way to achieve the unachievable.

If Max holds the vision clearly defined – as well as do all the other necessary
things to succeed – we’ll be looking at a State champion as a junior.

Good luck Mighty Max.

And if you are wondering how I can help you get what you want
I have this thing called my Success Club that many raving about.
Each month I send you a highly charged success tool to help you
move closer and closer to the very future you desire. Is it better health, is it more wealth or is it being able to do more with less time – I can help.

To read more about Success Club, click the link.


Vince Palko

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