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Bodyweight Exercises at BGSU

Recently, I presented a pre-game pep talk in
the language of visualization to the Fighting Falcons at
Bowling Green State University.

Before hand though — in the brand spankin new locker / weight room
facility, I got the 10 dollar tour from their strength coach of 6 years.

Hi name is Aaron Hillmann …

And when Aaron showed me the inside of the weight room,
I was flabbergasted.

There were shinny new squat racks.

New benches.

Freshly polished wood platforms with the Falcon emblem on them.
Perfect for hang-cleans as we once did back in the day.
No power cleans -simply hang cleans.

No slippage on that surface with a good pair of sneaks.

As we talked, I became aware that the platforms were not at
all being used. Period.

“Yeah, for the most part those are just for show when
we have recruits in. Dont use those too much. Just for show… but no go
when we train to be honest.”

I laughed.

“Now let me show you something over here,
we’ll get the boys in here and get em
warmed up with some bridging and other body weight

Record scratch — “what did you say.”

“Yeah, after that we get them against the wall and
do some body weight pull-ups
with these long straps and handles at the end of
them,” he continued.

“They have no more excuses cause if they cant
do one pull-up they simply step away from the wall –
it reduces the resistance —
It gives everyone a perfect place to start and progress up from.”

I could have sworn I was in the Twilight Zone.

No more hang cleans for explosion.
No more bench or squat talk for a big chest and thick legs.

Or at least he shares on the surface … I believe they
do a mixture of the two.. which is a great performance
enhancing strategy.

I felt cheated.

Woulda been nice to have this same
info “back in the day.” Without a doubt training the body as a unit
would have built a better athlete from the head to the toe.
No doubt would have kept at least 35% more guys
out of the physical therapy studio.

Now I know, one cannot go back.

Always did wonder about that hang clean exercise.
When will you ever have to lift a body off the turf in football
like that. Sure it builds explosive legs and such.

“Say, do you happen to know, Matt Furey.”

“Oh, yeah, I have his book Combat Conditioning
and subscribe to his e-zine,” Aaron said.

Imagine that.

It became apparent to me good information is truly powerful stuff
and — if you are good — people will find you.

“Now, all you need are some awesome Bodyweight exercise posters on
the wall. And I know just the guy you can get them from I said…”

“Oh yeah, who?” he said.

Right here my friend, right here.

Get the the goods to dress up your garage, fitness room or fitness facility
(if you are a trainer) and learn exactly the proper form to execute
these exercises. Above is my Powerhouse garage where I go to build strength
and power.

Strong body, strong mind, baby!

Information on walls is a lot easier to follow than
trying to keep a book held open on the floor while you workout.
And technique is one of those things you can always improve –
no matter how good you are.

Every house should have a POWERHOUSE in it. A space
to get away from the distractions and noise to build
a better you.

Start building it today. Or clearing out an old room
to make space for it. And the NEW you coming.

Let’s get something done.

Unleash your endurance,

Vince Palko

Ps. If you have not jumped on the bodyweight exercise wave, its not too late… run over to
and start here in getting yourself from faht to fit.

Pps. To crash through plateaus be sure to
grab a complete set of the Combat Conditioning Goal Tracker
system …

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