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Bring That Shit, Come On

Trained at the High School behind my house today.

I do my Endurance Builing Exercises there because they have a track, stadium stairs and a big ‘ole football field to run around on.

A nipply 31 degrees, you could see each breath cycle literally in front of you. Perfect for counting breaths.

Something happened I’ve been waiting to do while working out on that field in the past.

Whilst joggin round the horn (track) on the opposite side of the field – I saw three young hooded-sweat-shirt-wearing, football tossing young men.

Out of no where I run off the track and onto the field. Soon as I do I hear from within, “Bring that Shit, Come One. You want some of dis.“

A lil trash talking is always good for the soul.

From across the field I see three grins and notice the body language of, “Who in the heck is this.”

Once I connected with them, I asked if I could workout too.

They ran some pass routes and I worked my pass drops.
This is an amazing fast workout for short, quick bursts of speed.

With light flurries in the air, I asked, “You three are the only ones out here, where is the rest of your offense.”

They didn’t answer.

“Maybe they’re ALL curled up on their cozy couches watching TV,” I said.

They smiled.

In order to be successful you need to take action. Practicing when others are loafing, builds success. Writing a page a night to create your first book when others are sleeping, builds success. Exercising everyday, no matter how long or little, creates success.

Someone once defined “character” as the things you choose to do when others aren’t around.

Build good character today.

No retreat, no surrender.

Vince Palko

Ps. You’ll love the 8 exercises I teach in
Triple Your Endurance.
They’re sure to fire-up your energy. They’ll have you exercising with people half your age and who’ll be wondering how in the heck you can keep up.

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