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Bulldoze Your Fear – New Visual

A few weeks ago I was sitting at a stoplight
on my way to pick up my daughter from

I looked to my left and saw a construction
site with a bunch of workers dressed in
Carhartt overhauls. Their breath misty white.

Some stood with shovels and tools
while heavy machinery
effortlessly did the work.

My eyes went to the bulldozer.
Guys watched as it plowed
through a huge pile of black soil
peeking out of the white snow.
After coming down off the slight grade,
it turned around
to plow back through the rest
of the pile. Just then the light turned green.
And I drove off.

I drove off thinking about that bulldozer and that
pile of dirt. The bulldozer
is us. The dirt is kinda like
the fear or uncertainty we face in life.

How we deal with fear tells a lot about who we are.

We can go around the pile and never confront it. We can sit
there and never try, or we can plow through our fear and come out the other
side empowered and ready for the next challenge.

There is a strange but wonderful feeling when you face
your fears. Plus, I’m sure when you reflect on the times
you were successful were the times you plowed through
fear to come out on top.

So I came home and drew this sketch as a visual reminder for
you. You can pin it up on your computer. Feel free to send this Success Visual to anyone in your life who is frozen with fear when making a decision. It will
warm their treads and power their monster diesel engine to move

Consider it one of the many perks for being on my email list.

Unleash You!

Vince Palko

P.S. The new product will be ready for launch early next week.
Stay tuned for the creation I’ve been working diligently to
bring to life…

P.P.S. For my other fantastic visual based success products visit

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