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Can Stress Kill

I’m about up to my ears
in rising gas prices and food costs talk.

And the media isnt helping.

The funny thing is I dont even
watch the news.  But I’m up to
my ears because everyone you
speak to has this on their mind.

And this is stressing people out.

So this month in the
Success Rocket Ride Club -members
will receive 3 Key Components
to Tackle Stress in a Tough Economy.

And if you dont think you have
to worry about stress, let me tell
you a little story.

My sister’s best friend growin
up was a girl named Amy.

Amy came from a wonderful family.

Her Dad was the President and CEO
of a company called Ohio Edison
that later changed to First Energy.

If you lived in the midwest
you may recall about 7 years ago or so
there was a major blackout -electrically speaking.

The gird that was affected stretched
from parts of Michigan through Northwest
and Northeast Ohio – reaching towns in
New York.

And guess who’s company was responsible.

Thats right First Energy.

Government officials, city officials, and the public
scrutinized the company.   And who
was at the top of the pyramid.  Yes, Amy’s Dad.

Amy’s dad eventually stepped down. Shortly
later he developed an incurable form of cancer.

There wasnt much time after that. He was gone
less than a year.

Now, if you ask each and every member of
that family what caused the cancer in their father
at such a young age.

They’d would all give the same response,
the unbelievable pressure and stress put on
the man… by everyone in his community.

This is simply unreal when in actuality he
took the heat for several other
individuals in the business. No one shared the
blame but him.

When a kicker misses a field goal at the end of a
football game, the fans in the stands all point the fingers
at him.  Yet, in the locker room – the head coach shares
several examples with the team of moments
when if certain plays were made (by players other than
the kicker) the game would have been turned around.

Nevertheless, bottom line – stress took this man down.

And this is one of many examples of how
harmful stress can be.

Now most people dont know how
to handle stress.  They let it build and build
until it relieves itself in some harmful way.

Make sure you have a strategy to deal
with the media showering fear based news.

You need a system in place
to dissolve stress as soon
as it appears on your radar scope.

I can help. Go to and sign up NOW…
to be a Success Rocket Ride Member.

The risk is all on me to deliver the
goods.  I know you’ll enjoy it.
Its only a buck to get a sample sent
to you.


Vincent Palko

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