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The Art of the Smile

Monday, June 29th, 2009

So my youngest daughter and I have been playing a game as of late.
You can meet her and one of her sisters, here:

I stick my tongue out at her and she is taught to smile back at me.
The first couple times are difficult for her, its an unintuitive reaction
to SMILE when someone sticks their tongue out at you. You know.

Then once she has mastered a few minutes of this,
she sticks her tongue out at me and I SMILE.

Pretty simple game, eh?

I never knew how I would put this practice into play,
just knew it was important for her to learn and perfect – like pushups
and burpies are to the armed forces.

After several weeks of practicing this fun little game,
I discovered the perfect time to implement this on the battle field of life.

Today, my older daughter started whining about the middle
daughter showing off her new camera and bragging to her.

The older one calls me on the phone, dramatically sharing
with me what has happened.  I pretend that there is a bad connection
and say, “Hello? Are you there still?”

“Okay, whats going on Sophia?”

She paused. The proceeds to tell the whole story again with a little less luster and drama.

“Okay, hun, member the trick I taught Vivian to smile when someone
sticks their tongue out at you, its time for you to implement the
infamous SMILE when Georgia brags.”

Do this and then I’ll talk to your sister when I see her.

Instant ease came over Sophia’s tone on the other end of the phone.

Your smile is your best weapon.

Use it.

Never let your enemy see you squirm or frown.

In the book, The Art of War, the author talks about never allowing your
enemy to know where you stand in relation to your desired objective.

Practice smiling everyday… it works wonders for your overall well being.
It may even dismantle some of your enemies and turn them into confused comrades.

Imagine the places where you could implement the impervious SMILE technique.

There is something infectious about a smile. I heard a man once say,
“Even if you’re homely, you look better when you smile.”

To grab a copy of my new book, Tackling Life’s Problems,
one I am very proud of, venture over to…
and secure a copy.  For the decisive doers who jump now,
I’ll even through in a couple of extras while supplies last.

Sparkling feedback is pouring in and I am glad to hear you are enjoying
Tackling Life’s Problems.


Vince Palko

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