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Two Schools of Thought

Friday, July 10th, 2009

There are two schools of thought in the fitness and health
arena when it comes to supplements

First, you have the “experts” who say,
“I dont take supplements, I get my nutrients
from the food I eat.”

Well, okay then.

Second, you have the group who
believes in supplements and the mighty
nutrients and minerals that exist in the world
that are not commonly found in
the foods we eat – but still minerals that
our bodies crave and need for supreme health.

Well, if you cant tell which party I fall into, its the latter.

Being schooled in this teaching as a little boy from two
Shacklee distributors as parents shaped my young mind.
And I’m glad I bought into it. The result of adding supplements
has paid off.

Here hath been my results adopting this approach after 30 years.

I had one helluva run as an athlete never missing one
game in a career where injuries were as common as
mosquito bites in the summer time. At least two
people were injured every practice – one seriously.

The closest I came to going down was a knee
strain against the Wisconsin Badgers. The next week
I healed myself inside of 5 days and was 85% playing
on all tight run formations and goal line defenses.

One could say this was due to my added nutrients
my ligaments and bones had to pull from
and I am not talking the kind Manny and the boys have
at their disposal.

These days I still believe in getting the extra boost
naturally from nature to ease joint pain and drop
extra baggage.

Although, I have not had a Shacklee supplement
in a while, I still take a myriad of supplements to
provide optimal health.

One power pill in which I switched over to recently is
my friend Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega formula:

Your joints will feel less pain
in the morning and your waistline will
become slimmer when you get on
a consistent regimen of this supplement.

Go here now to read more on Dr Bill’s Powerhouse

Omega formula:


Vince Palko

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How to Stay Injury Free

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Want a secret or two on how to stay injury free?

That way you can stay on your feet and not sidelined.
If you are like most, losing your mobility
with your career and family life would spell doom.

Well, check this out. Back in 1992 I was
a sophomore LB…  playing against the OSU Buckeyes
who I have affectionately called the Cluck-eyes.

Yeah, yeah, we lost that game.
The next week we went up to Wisconsin
to play the Badgers.  Our team
was so pumped for the Clucks that we had
nothing left to give the next week.

‘Cept me.

We threw a new wrinkle at them and
lined me up at NOSE guard. And
the first three plays I made every tackle.

Then it happened. Their offense ran
a toss sweep to my right and as I pursued the
ball carrier -  a five foot nothing
little wide receiver appeared outta no where
and dove for my knee cap.


Luckily, I didnt hear anything snap. But it
hurt like hell.  I sucked it up and continued to

But a pop warner player would have been
better in my spot that game.
Since I couldnt plant on my one “wheel”
big ‘ole # 75 had his way with me.

I did manage to snag an interception. It was thrown
right into my breadbasket.  After that, I hobbled off the field and
sat with a ice pack taped to my knee for the remainder
of the game.

To make a long story longer…

That next week we faced East Carolina and I made
it my mission to do everything in my power to
be ready for it… when the average joe would have

Two things I did:
1) I never missed an ice treatment with the training staff.

2) I performed specific exercises my strength coach
and doctors agreed upon – to strengthen the
medial collateral ligament and muscles
surrounding it.

Notice how their advice was NOT to rest it.
Interesting, huh.

The other day I thumbed through Dr. Bill’s “How
to Avoid Knee Surgery” manual – the same
one you can get here … End Knee Pain.

… I recalled performing many of his exercises
to rehabilitate my strained knee.  I mean, if you
were to go one by one – a nod here – a nod there,
those exercises were apart of my knee rehab program.

As it turns out these same exercises keep people from
going under the knife.  Pretty fascinating.

Well, to wrap up my story …

That next week I was about 75% but I told the coaches
I was 95%.  They gave me the green light and I filled in
on run plays and goal line where I could.

Though you may not play football – you live life
and injuries happen all the time; people slip on ice, make a
wrong turn mowing the grass … and so on and so on.

Don’t let knee injuries and joint pain keep you
down.  Do somehting about it. Get the right exercises
and instruction to keep you on your feet, pain free.

And even if you dont have knee pain right now,
get this book to have on the shelf for family members
or future injuries… so you dont have to bother
digging up this email.

Do it now, my friend.

That link again is …


Vince Palko

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