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Michael Phelps Commemorative Limited Edition Painting

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

I hate when people label me.

Dont you.

“Oh, you’re the fitness guy,”
some will say when we meet.

Or …

“Ahh, Vince you’re the cartoon guy, right?”

Wrong pal, I’m much more than that… I feel like saying.

Yes, many of you know me only through my daily writing
in my newsletter. And many of you know I am a cartoon marketer.
Many for my fitness and success products.

However, one of my first loves is painting watercolors.

And boy, do I have something for you.

The commemorative Michael Phelps piece I promised to
create is in the works.  This phantastic image
entitled, “Achieve Anything” (thanks to your feedback)
has been painted, designed and now rolling off the offset press as we speak.

This one-of-a-kind image will be ready to ship next week.

If you want a sneak peak, check it
out on my home page (upper left).

This painting energized me while applying the pigment
to the watercolor paper.  As I drew all 8 gold medals bouncing in space,
I struggled to make them all fit (somewhat realistically).
What a tremendous thrill it must have been continually ran through my brain.
And the great part is we all felt apart of it – cheering him on.

Why not capture that day forever and allow
Phelps’ Championship Pheat energize YOU
DAILY by displaying this in your office,
home, bathroom, and on your night stand.

I am only having 299 of these good guys
produced above and beyond my Rocket
Ride Club — so if you want to be uplifted and inspired
every time you take a gander at this image-
i suggest you enroll pronto, Tonto!

Those that enroll in my club TODAY will receive it
at no cost to you.  Thats right nothing. Nadda.

Go to the Success Rocket Ride Club to do so …

Bottom line: Im feeling extremely proud of this
and know you are going to love it.


Vince Palko

P.S. By enrolling Today you will also get
an opportunity to win a FREE set of greeting cards with this
same design to have for special occasions.

Those that enroll today will be placed into a
special drawing for the FREE 75 greeting cards package
delivered to your door.

Do NOT delay – make sure you at least grab your
Michael Phelps commemorative Limited Edition print NOW.

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