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Clueless and Capable

Last week I did something REALLY stupid.

In our downstairs bathroom ALL the lights were out for about two weeks before deciding to fix ‘em.

Why fix it. Why not replace the burnt out bulbs. Well, my wife had done this (I checked her work with one bulb) and still no worky-worky with the switchy-switchy.

After replacing the switch, a few cuss words, and getting absolutely nowhere -I decided call an electrician.

There are areas I consider myself an expert in. But being a handy Andy Pandy is not one of them. Plus, Dad always instructed me,’Hire out your dirty work and continue doing what you are good at – even if it costs you mula.’

So I dialed up an electrician to handle the temporary inconvenience.

Although this time I pressed the “Bat button” to hire a pro
maybe too quickly.

Guy came last week while I was working in my studio.
I showed him our problem areas. Downstairs light switch
and upstairs light switch in our master bath.

I turned and headed to my studio to work on some
illustrations. Stopped to grab a water from
the fridge first.

All of the sudden, I heard a grunt and a chuckle come from the first floor bath.

Went to check it out and the lights were on and working.

‘Boy, that was quick. What was the issue?’I asked.

‘Well, it was the old ‘half-turn more’electrical problem we run into from time to time.’


‘Yeah, the light bulbs you replaced needed a half turn more and voila – they worked.’

Sometimes our exercise programs are like this. You focus your efforts on one area believing it will take you to the promised land. Like the people who think they have to watch everything they eat.

Or you think you’ve tried everything and are getting nowhere.

My coach, Gary Blackney, in college always said,’During workouts when you think you have given everything and you dont have anything left to give – count on at least 30% in your reserve tank.

Right around now, most people’s New Years resolutions/goals/ intentions (whatever the hells you want to call them)are about to fizzle out.

Not YOU though.

This letter is to let you know if you give that half-turn more in the right areas, you will see the lights come and experience the results you deserve.

The professional who got me out of the dog house helped me see that. It could have taken me three weeks to figure out what he knew to look for and fix in five minutes.

Though I know nothing about electricity and fix it stuff, I do know how to twist a light bulb into its socket.

Similarly, the same electrical guy knows that exercise and diet will drop the excess blubber ’round his waistline. What he doesn’t know are the clues to get the job done faster – in record time.

Enter “Vinnie Boom, Boom” to save the day. I can tell him where he can cut corners but also provide areas where he needs to turn up the heat and give a little more.

Here is the home self-repair kit I’d suggest:

1) A healthy dose of Linebacker Fitness
for 8 minutes in the AM.

2) For lunch I’d suggest the deep breathing and endurance food selection I instruct in Triple Your Endurance

3) Lastly, I’d wrap up your day with a meeting with yourself to track your progress on the Combat Conditioning Goal Trackers. This builds momentum to tackle tomorrow with more energy and enthusiasm.

****** Side note: ************
To show my support for those who continue to pursue their fitness goals when so many others drop out right now,I’ve marked down the CC Trackers for a limited time
to keep you on the road to greatness. While supplies last, I’ll throw for – NO Cost – the Goal Tracker Success Teleseminar with Matt Furey, Ed Baran and myself.
Go to the Goal Tracker Sale page NOW.

Sticking with this smorgasbord of self-repair for 2007 will not only trim your waistline but it will increase your sehxxx drive, provide child-like energy and allow your self-confidence to soar to the stratosphere.

Unleash You NOW,

Vince Palko

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