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Confess to Free Your Energy

The word confess brings back
some awful memories
of growing up Catholic and
confessing to the priests about my sins.

“How detailed do you want me to go
here, Father in order for it to be accepted as a
true confession, ” I can remember thinking
as a young 6th grader.

Yet, the word confess also brings back
“good feels” too.

As funny as it sounds to an outsider–
no matter what I did, I could walk out of
the confessional with a clean slate.

Now dhats what I’m talking about.

And every now and again we all fall off track
its human nature. Its what makes us human.

This past week, I confessed to someone close
about something I did that I wasnt proud of.

They took it pretty hard.

And, it wasnt easy to deliver, either.

I believe time will heal their wounds.
Maybe- maybe not.

Were not talking a major transgression here.

But it still was challenging and I feel 100% better about it.
I follow the honesty is the best policy modo.

You have undoubtely heard the phrase
the truth will set youfree. And it does. It frees your energy.

It allows you to sleep at night. It allows you to go through the day
without a huge baboon slung over your shoulder.
Dragging his heals behind as you go about your daily routine.
When you pony up – he releases his claws and lets you go freely.

This baboon is the work of your subconscious. Whether you believe
you did something wrong or not… whether you consciously beat
yourself up or ignore the fact — you cant fool your subconscious.

Yes, even O-Jay has one.

It weighs heavily on your mind.

So I feel now like that negative energy has been
lifted and I can go on with my life.

And if you are ready confront your
fears and be honest with yourself and others–
you’ll love the extra energy boost from a CLEAN SLATE.
Its not the easiest to admit when you are wrong
but the evaporation of emotional baggage is the trade-off.

And not look back. What good will it do if you continually beat
yourself up. NOTHING>.

‘Cept bring more of the poor behavior.

This message is meant to be an uplifting one stating
that forgiveness of yourself and others
is a powerful force to clear your mind and freeup your energy.

You can do it.

Go out and be free, AND by all means get after it.

For more amazing energizing tips make your way over to…
and take control of your energy. Not the other way around.


Vince Palko

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