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Could You Do this for Two Minutes

Last night, I typed this note on my iPhone
while on break in my CPR class.

Why CPR.

Well, I thought it would be prudent as
two of my three daughters have peanut allergies.
And peanut allergies aint no joke to mess with.

I also think having the knowledge to save
someone close to you is a darn good reason
to be COACHED UP in CPR training. You
can go to your local Red Cross for more information.

Back to my story of last night though…
I had to write down these thoughts
before they escaped me.

When someone has a heart attack – time is a precious thing NOT to waste.

Its known that you have minutes before
one loses brain damage permanently – 10 to be exact.

And if CPR is applied to the person in need – that
10 minutes can be extended to 40 or more minutes.

Anyway, while in this class of men and women
it came time to practice on the man-a-kins.

The instructor walked us through a series of steps
in the process.  At the end it was time
to put it all together.

Two minutes straight.  Several chest compressions
mixed with two breathes (i wont go into specifics for
the protocol) – for the stories sake all you need
to know was people were pushed to their limit
after the 2 minute alarm rang.

“Wow, I’m going to need someone to resuscitate ME,” one woman said.

“My arms are killing me,” another chimed.

The instructor looked at the class a little
stunned and said, “THAT WAS ONLY 2 MINUTES.”

Now the average time for the E.M.S. to respond
to a scene (at least in this area) is 8 minutes.
Sometimes if its a crazy night and they have to respond
from another scene it could take longer.

If thats the case, could you save your
loved one’s life performing CPR on them
to try and resuscitate them?

I should would hope so.  Or would you
give up in the process because you
ran out of steam to keep their heart pumpin’
until the ambulance arrived.

Dont leave that question unanswered.
Have peace of mind knowing you could do that and more.

Prepare yourself if duty ever calls and the peace
of mind you know without a shadow
of a doubt have enough juice to know you did
everythin in your power to keep them
going until the paramedics arrived.

And this is only one example if a tragedy ever strikes
could you carry your children to safety in a flood
or be there for them in any other natural disaster?

Dont know.

Well, might be a good reason to get
back in shape.  One important place to start is to
develop your wind and endurance — plus
strengthening your arms, back and shoulders
while your thighs and calves grow stronger.

That place to go NOW is …

Dont live with the nightmare you knew you could have done more.

Start by taking a little action today by ensuring
your families safety tomorrow.

Push On,

Vincent Palko

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