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Da Bears Will Beat Da Dolts

So the da Bears are heading to the BIG dance.


I’m glad to see the Bears beat the Aint’s. I could play it off and make you think I’m a big time Bear’s fan. But I’m not.

However, I did tell a friend they’d win Saturday night with the simple reason being defense wins championships. And the Bears have a mighty

Because of this they will defeat the Dolts too.

The other reason ‘da Bears will beat the ‘da Dolts is because of their coaching staff.

Not taking anything away from Dungy but Lovie and his group is tremendous.

One of whom coached me and is now the assistant head coach to Lovie Smith. His name is Bob Babich. He was one of the toughest coaches I had my freshman year.

Those early years were instrumental in my development. I can remember thinking as a freshman LB that I could do no right and the senior LB playing next to me could do no wrong.

Like a drill instructor Bob broke me down, he then built me back up to be a champion athlete.

Coach has had the pleasure of coaching two of the greatest linebackers of all time –
Palko and Urlacher. Now, I say that in jest.

I joked with Coach when we chatting earlier this year. And Bob razzed me with his thick southern drawl, “Yeah, Vinnie Palko and Brian Urlacher — how do you compare the two?”

His sarcasm brought a smile to my face.

Because he and I both knew I had no natural skills to play the game. I had to bust my ass for everything that I achieved.

I once played with a guy in Germany who had tryouts with the Giants. After running a fast forty-yard dash, (looking to potentially get drafted) the Giants’ recruiter said, “Okay now let’s meet in the other room to test your broad jump and shuttle run.”

Xaiver said, “Sounds good.”

Instead of meeting in the other room, “X” turned to go shoot hoops with his homies. Kissed that opportunity goodbye.

When I asked him why he did this he said, “Hey man, I’ve got talent, I never asked for it. God just
gave it to me. Doesn’t mean I have to use it.”

There are champion style attitudes and loser ones.

What is yours?

I can break you down and build you up piece–by-piece into a champion from only 5 minutes a day or exercise.

My program for fitness success is Linebacker Fitness
and it can be yours if you Seize the Day to get yourself into better physical and mental condition.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Ps. Win the day. Win it with gusto and Linebacker Fitness

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