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Dad Takes Care of the Kids

Whats your biggest fear as a parent.

As a father of three girls often times
I’ll hear from folks – when they find this out-
“will you soon be investing in a shot guhn
for when they get older.”

My reply is, “No, but the fine young gents
who want to take my girls on a date will
have to run the gauntlet obstacle course
in my basement – before they go.”

Joking aside, I am not worried about who
they will attract into their lives as boyfriends.
I know they will find just the right guys
to be their friends. Yes, its difficult writing the word

However, there is one area that I will assist them
and that is their personal protection from yahoo’s
who they DONT want to be apart of their lives –
street punks, hoodlums and so on.
Self defense and personal protection tools
as I call pepper spray and other things will be
among the main things I provide.

Although I have young kids, it wont be long before
they will be off to the movies or the mall and so on
without their parents around.

And these tools make it too easy to keep yourself protected
for the price. I myself have a couple cans of pepper spray
in my car at all times. You never know who you can run into
traveling in your car.

That is why from time to time i will send out emails on the topic.
Its that important to me and you as well.

Here is one email I received from someone who is
top of his industry in terms of self defense products.

They call him Nui or BIG.

Check him out…


Dad Takes Care Of The Kids

I was banging away on the keyboard when I
got a call from a friend this morning. He
is a very soft spoken guy, and unfailingly
polite. He usually emails me that he is going
to call, and since he didn’t I knew something
was up.

He wanted to know how to get his kids tooled up.

His kids are young adults. Two already live
away from home, and one will leave the nest
soon. There are two daughters, and one son.
He wanted to get them started with some tools.
We talked about any number of options, and
settled on two pepper sprays for the girls,
and one for the boy.

One of the things he said in our conversation
was, “I used to think this was a safe place,
and this crazy stuff couldn’t reach us here.
It seems like this stuff is getting closer and
closer everyday. This weekend changed all that.”

He went on to detail a number of just senseless
acts of violence in his community that happened
in a very short period of time. He realized he
couldn’t just shrug it off as something that
happened somewhere else anymore. He wanted to
make sure his kids could fight back against these
kinds of predators.

He started with Wildfire and Lipstick Pepper
Spray for the girls. That’s a good choice. One
that can be used as a key chain, and a backup that
can be carried almost anywhere. The Lipstick Pepper
Spray will easily fit in a pocket or purse.

I told him the biggest thing is convincing the
kids to carry all the time.

There is never a free pass time. Violence most
often occurs when you least expect it.

I can’t tell you the number of “I was just going to…” stories I have heard.

We settled on Wildfire for his son too, who
lives in a rough part of a city. His son is in
very good shape, and very strong. None of that
makes any difference if you run into a pack of

If you are ever confronted by a pack of mooks,
take out the lead mook first, if you can. Give
him a liberal coating of Wildfire, because many
times when the leader is taken down the pack will
run away. But also hose as many as you can. The
more mooks going down, the higher the confusion

You want to hit the mook in the face. This does
three things.

1) Pain is immediate, and high level. The mook will
think he is melting.

2) The Mooks eyes will close.

3) The Mooks breathing will become very labored.

Then get out of the area immediately. Vamoose!
Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.


Dad has taken care of the kids.

Now what about him and the missus?

Stay aware, alert, and have a plan.

Aloha kaua,

Nui (Big) Kahuna

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