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Are You Faking It?

How committed are you?

That is the question.

With anything in life, one can
detect how committed one is
to his desired goals.

If she has goals to achieve great things
you can tell if she is faking it based on one thing.

If you have a goal to lose 40 lbs
and have no house full of fitness tools, books,
magazines and DVDs to help you achieve
that goal… you are sadly FAKING IT. You dont
really want to lose weight… just like talking about it.

My house doesnt have one room devoted to a gym.
I have metal pullup racks, a punching bag, dumbells, barbells, cords
along with countless books, CDs and magazines
to help me reach my fitness goals. And they are pretty much scattered all over
my house.

So when I walk by some fitness tool and I have an extra few
minutes I pick it out and DO it.

Those who make health and fitness a priority
are not concerned what those fitness enhancers
do to their dwelling.

I know a very popular fitness guru whose
garage looks like someone vomited scores
and scores of fitness equipment all over.

Not to mention his counters are filled with supplements
and book cases full of the latest and greatest fitness findings.

Its the ultimate environment for supporting one’s fitness goals.

If you have a deep desire to change your physical well
being but arent willing to put your money where
your mouth is, the Universe knows you arent serious.

It will know you are faking it.

One tool that is a staple in anyone’s home who
is serious about cutting weight is a jump rope.

Reason is, you can “cut your body up” (get lean) like Brad Pitt in
Fight Club when you use this little fat loss melter.

To run and grab one with a ton of extra information
of how to burn fat with the rope, visit

There are many people who say they want this
and that.  Then they struggle to understand why they cant reach their goals.

Well, time to get serious and invest in yourself… then watch how
easy it becomes to attain your goal.

That’s all for now.


Vince Palko

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