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Do I Eat Chocolate

Got a letter the other day asking
if I eat the dark stuff. And how to end
a daily chocolate binge this reader has.

I laughed when I received these questions.
Wasn’t laughing at the person sending the email.
But a story I’ve got to share.

One late afternoon, I was in the mini-mart
grabbing a gallon of water back by the candy rack.

Saw a mother who was on the heavy side.
Okay, that’s being a little generous,
she was FAT — Big time.

She was there with her two daughters and their friend.
Sounded as if the girls were having a friend over for a movie.

“Grab the dark chocolate, Tina,” the blimp told her daughter.

The friend asked one of the kids why do you get the dark.

The mother interupted and blurted out
in a hurried rush, “We eat the dark chocolate, because it’s more healthy.”

I chuckled to myself.

I know, I know. You gots to give credit where credit is due. I applaud her health conscious mind. But this ranks up there with ordering a diet Coke at McGreasies. “I’ll have a Big Mac, Fries, and a DIET Coke.” You might as well
go with the regular drink.

And in this case you might as well just forgo the anti-oxidants in dark chocolate and select the light chocolate. If momma were really interested in HEALTH she would take her “two pillows” stuffed in her pants for a walk.

Ahhhh, too much.

I typically shy away from chocolate, but will not beat myself up
for having some now and again.

Here’s what I notice about sweets like schoc-o-lah-day.

The only time I have a hunkering for chocolate is
when I’ve NOT had enough sleep for several nights in a row.
Meaning, I’ve burned the midnight oil, over and over again.
Then and only then do I get a strong urge to splurge.

This is because your sugars levels DROP when you
are walking around in a zombie-like, no-sleep state.
As a result, your body tries to level itself out.

So if you’ve been hitting the black sugar too much.
No worries. Don’t beat yourself down,
just up the sleep time.
Then watch the binges and cravings subside.

When you’re burnin’ a ton of calories from
exercising with a jump rope and LB Fitness,
twon’t matter if you eat dark or light chocolate.

The choice will be entirely yours.


Vince Palko

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