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Do It Dad

Yes, this time of year brings football season.
But there is another season too – marathon season.

It reminds me of my very first race that I ran.

Back in 2003, a group of friends at
work rolled their eyes when I told them
I was going to run a marathon.

At the time I weighed 254 lbs and had
never run one before and
had no business running one now.

However, one guy stood up and said, “Thats great
Vince, I’ll run it with you.”

Wow, business partners and now running mates.
Pretty cool.

Turns out, I reached my goal of completing my first marathon.

Before the race I wanted to make shirts up
for us runners and the families supporting us there.
Was my gift to them.

Then I thought what can I put on the front of
the shirt as a slogan. I thought of Nikes piece, Just Do It.

So I modified that a bit and since everyone racing
with my group (3 total) were dads, I decided on “Do It Dad.”

Twas a wise choice as there is an unwritten
rule that everyone in the crowd will yell out
whatever is on your chest, as a way to pump you
up and support you to hit your goal.

Electric. It was.

Imagine thousands of people shouting “DO IT DAD.”

Do it Dad.

DO it DAD.


There were a million plus people in Chicago that day and it
was the closest feeling of being back inside a stadium filled
with 94,000 fans cheering you on in football.

What a rush.

So if you know of anyone racing
this fall in marathon – or if you are doing one
yourself – or are cheering someone on,
here is an idea for you.

I want to pass that exhilarating feeling of
having people pump you up while you nail your desired goal.
And also affirm your parental accomplishment at the same time.

I’ve created t-shirt with the slogan “Do It Dad”
and soon to come “Do It Mom”…
below that, the text reads – “Kick Butt in the Marathon!”
Go to Planet Palko.

These will only be up for marathon season
so if this interests you, make sure to run over
and grab one while you can.

I wore my Do IT Dad shirt to the grocery. A young customer service
clerk asked, “Wow you did a marathon? You are no small runner.”
A great conversation about mind power ensued.

Wearing the t-shirt was like wearing a trophy of an amazing accomplishment
well after the fact. Pretty cool.  Now onto the next goal.

So go out there and – DO IT DAD! Or MOM!


Vince Palko

P.S. That link again will take you to a different site called Planet Palko.

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