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Do Weights Slow You Down

I often get asked, ‘Will lifting weights slow me
down and hold me back when racing long distances.’

Many long distance (LD) athletes get caught up in
doing just cardio to build their endurance.

However, if you want sustainable boundless energy reserves
you need over the course of a LD race
or in life – you need strong muscles.

This way, when you are in the latter part of
your race – your muscles continue to
deliver the strength you need to maintain your current pace
and even to shift into four gear.

Most think they need to go in the weight room to build strength.
This is far from the actual truth.

There is an alternative.

For an even better workout do Body Weight exercises. Mastering your
own body weight is often plenty of anaerobic work and it gives
you functional strength.

Your not looking for bulkier puffed up muscles. Weights give you that
and this slows you down. Think of Lance. He doesn’t lift
weights, he simply works the muscles he needs to get the job done
over and over.

What you want are long and strong muscles.
Ones that emit extra energy and stamina. Plus, you
don;t have to leave the comforts of your own home to do them.

You risk the chances of over extending yourself and getting injured.
Leaving you out of a big race. Sometimes putting you
out for the entire race season.

My wife was all set to race in a triathlon this summer. A month ago,
she was ‘getting after it’ with weights and injured her knee.

Three exercises every LD racer needs to add to their endurance
building tool bag can be found at the Royal Court poster.

Truth is, some people have no business gettin’ in the weight
room and slugging big plates around when they can’t
even do exercises supporting their own body weight.

I went for a mile walk yesterday doing lunges alternating 50 yards
on 100 yards off and this worked like gang busters to
pump up my quads.

When you get your hands on this poster, these three exercises
will challenge you to the hilt. They are perfect for supplementing
any endurance program without paying membership fees
at a fitness gym.

Dump the weights and do your own body weight.

Go give it a shot.

Unleash Your Endurance,

VInce Palko

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