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Do You Have to Be Organized to Hit Goals?

I know many-a-people that are Johnny on the spot with organization.

They have a super clean work space.

They gather information into neat folders on their computers.

And get this, they organize clothes by labeling each dresser drawer.

Yet, when it comes to planning their future, the fog is soo thick they can’t see where they are going. It would take a bus full of Molly Maids to clear the way of all the clutter.

Most people get caught up in the day-to-day organization that it becomes a hinderance to their dreams. They don’t stop and contemplate their future. They make no time to keep track of how far they have come. They don’t visualize a better life.

As a result, they stay in their super clean, organized office or home feeling helpless and frustrated.

When it comes to organization I don’t lead the pack. If fact, if you were to observe me from the outside and my surroundings, you might think I fall waaay short.

However, I’m very thoughtful and meticulous when it comes to planning my future and tracking how to get there. I could recite my goals in my sleep. Also, time management has always been a no brainer – I know how to milk every ounce of productivity out of a each second.

I get practice daily with raising 3 girls under the age of four, doing my husbandly “honey do” duties and running several businesses all at once – with plenty of energy to still exercise. Yet all the while, focusing like a laser on my targets.

The last sentence empowers me.

THE way I do this is by always having my goals in front of me using my Launch Yourself to Financial Success.

Not only are they within eyes reach but I actively involve myself with them. Daily check ins and mark ups on the visual create an impression of success on my subconscious mind. There is no better way to communicate with your subconscious.

When your subconscious is aligned with what you are truly here for, the Universe opens up and gives you what you desire.

What is it that you truly desire?


You deserve to have all these and more. You simply need to get organized- not with your physical surroundings but with your mind.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. By taking 3 minutes a day to focus on what you want within a month you’ll get the ball of success rolling in your direction

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One Response to “Do You Have to Be Organized to Hit Goals?”

  1. Caleb Says:

    Hey Vinnie!

    Love this post!

    3 minutes a day of visualization and focus on your goals with a positive mental attitude huh?


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