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Don’t Swim in Chlorine!

Had an interesting question last week replying to my keep chlorine OUT of your body email.

A fellow Stallion writes …

“Is swimming laps in a chlorine pool bad for you … I go at least three times a week”

Thanks, Steve


VP’s response:

Great question Steve. Last year when I trained for my triathlons I was in the pool practically all week. I’d go to the local Y during the winter months. Post workout, no matter how hard I scrubbed, I always smelled like someone rubbed a waffle sized chlorine wafer all over my body. Reason being when you exercise your pores open up to breath like that of a sponge. Resulting in your body absorbing chlorine.

And if you wouldn’t drink a glass of chemicals, you might not want to bath in it either. Trust your instincts if somethng doesn’t feel right.

Post workouts, I reeked so badly, that my wife thought I was trying a new after shave. I heard about another Y opening up about 30 minutes further than the one I was going to. So I tried the new facility, and discovered the newer one had a lot less chlorine in it. Or so it seemed. When I finished, there was no residual chlorine clinging to me. With advanced technology these days many new pools don’t use chlorine, there’s something in the water other than chlorine. Not sure what the name is. It still cleans the water but it’s less harmful to swimmers.

We have friends who just got a pool. In it, there’s a key component activated by the suns rays to keep it clean. It is still a chemical of some kind, just not chlorine.

Long story short, eliminate chlorine from your DRINKING water – period. Try to limit it from your swimming area. Hey, lakes are great for swimming too. If you have no pools around you with newer forms of cleaner, don’t let that stop you from exercising. The proverbial ?Don’t throw the baby (or exerciser) out with the bath water? – never fit better.

Keep being a Stallion, Steve, and also pick up the course Triple Your Endurance
for outrageous endurance improvements (if you haven’t already).

Be a Stallion,

Vince Palko

Ps. VinDog is in the works of a new product set to hit the market
soon. I’ll keep you posted on the developments.

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