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Down But Never Out

In the last few days, I have been OVERCOMING a physical challenge.
Thats what I call a sinus and chest cold.

And a little more intense than a headache, Jason Kidd. Hah.

Anyway, about a week ago, I could tell it was coming on because
my energy was low, I felt achey and
twas sneezing every ten minutes or so. You catch my drift.

So before I went to bed that day, I chewed-up
a piece of garlic. Not tasty. But man does it seem to do the job quickly.

No antibiotics. I grew up on those and have been antibiotic free for
some time.

When I am in the middle of a nice challenge – I down shift it a bit.
But I dont sit. Key is to stay moving and breathing.
Breathing is a great way to release the toxins.

I woke up yesterday and thought
of something I could do for exercise… AND in my house, to boot.
I didnt want to go outside into the snow and cold. That I’d save for
another day.

What I thought of was a DVD my good friend Fred Nicklaus sent.

Fred’s background is in martial arts (30 years),
boxing training and other various forms of exercise training.

Fred discovered a workout a few years ago that a friend showed
him. This friend was a major of a special forces unit — His name “Major W.”

The story how Major W created the program was this.
The group was in a city in central america that was polluted.
His unit could not exercise outside due to the foul air.
To run in that environment would not be good.
So Major W developed Combat Endurance. And they special forces
group did this for two months. What they found afterwards was their
running times and weight lifting improved drastically.

So I popped the DVD in and WOWSERS.

I could feel the energy return to my body almost instantly.
Every part of my body felt loose and limber.
Bottom line: it was an amazing heart pumping, fat burning routine.
And it only took me 9 minutes.

IF you are someone who lives where Winter is
white and dont choose to exercise outside, this program
is great for you. You can burn fat in front of a crackling fire
and in the comforts of your own home.

If you are someone looking to do something other that
hard running, this is great for you too.

If you are someone looking for something new that has been
Special Forces tested, this is definitely for YOU.

I say go for it my friend.
And the good news is Fred has agreed
to give you this Course at ZERO COST!

Merry Christmas.

Make sure to grab this course NOW before Fred changes his mind.

Unleash YOU!

Vincent Palko

Ps. When you signed up for my newsletter I promised
many ideas and products to energize you. The course I
shared today is primo for that. Its on my TOP SHELF ready to pop into my DVD
player. Its that great. Go get it for yourself and see.
That ink again is … Combat Endurance.

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