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Drop Your Lament in Cement

Someone wrote to me asking what makes
my success club different from ALL the others out there…
By the end of this letter I hope to show you.

Today we are going to use Lament not as a verb but a Noun.

While exercising last night good ‘ole Dr. Seuss touched Dr. Palko (the success doctor)
on the shoulder and advised him to get this one out today.
“There are a lot of people who could use this immediately.”

“WIll do, Doc. Will do.” I said.

If you find yourself lamenting something from your past,
this visual will be especially helpful. But it doesnt
stop with feelings of sorrow — drop whatever dominates your thoughts
into this image and youll find it works wonders.

I just sent this image to a friend … and she said … “my ‘lament’ now sleeps with the worms.”


Not to long ago, I dropped one of my own into the cement mixer.
And the past image no longer surfaced.

A great job it did … like “ant acid to cool the flames” of hot wings.

Growing up in an Italian family I kept hearing about
this guy who was buried at the base of Giants stadium.
Being Italian on occasion, you tend to hear this story
Whether your family is in the mob or not. And just for the record — We are NOT.

Eventually, I found out about Jimmy Hoffa.
And the rumor about him being buried under a thick cover of cement.
Yikes. Was pretty horrific hearing this as a youngster.

And people who know me can vouch i would never dream
of doing that to anybody. Yet, I WOULD to the limiting thoughts holding you back.

Now my approach differs from that of other Success-perts out there.
Most will tell you focus on the positive that you want to bring about.
Dont think negative thoughts … Yet how can you think positive if the
negative thoughts keep surfacing.

Just like there is not “one glove” diet course that fits ALL because everyones bodies are different. So too … there is not one way to experience more success. Everyones minds work different as well.

So the step I stick before the success thought is letting things go or burying them.
You have heard of bury the hatchet. There is nothing better to bury the hatchet in than cement. Cause you cant dig it back up.

So, I created this visual to stir your imagination a bit to plant a picture in your
mind of how to imagine this happening. You have to look closely for
the LAMENT in this picture. He has been labeled. Click on the image to see a close up. Have a playful mindset when you do this. The visual will help with that.
Nothing can get out of cement once its dried… not even Jimmy Hoffa.

That includes the hairy beast of jealousy, anger, regret, fear… or anything
that might be brewing upstairs.

Once and for all bury the beast. And you will be free to move on with your life.

Now if you already know what makes my Success Club different, then, kudos.

If you dont, let me spell it out for you. This playful, Dr. Seuss-ish image
you now have in your mind… has been anchored. What does that mean.

A month from now, a year, even five years from now… if you were
to think of this title “Drop Your Lament in Cement” … I am willing to bet
the picture you pull-up will resemble this one exactly. You will see the
ugly beast (with ‘X’ed out eyes) getting smoothed over. You will see his hands in the “Han Solo
pose” (when Han was cryogenically frozen) from the movie The Empire Strikes Back.

How is this helpful you ask. Well, you can on command think of the beast you want to bury,
slap a new label on him, and move on with your life.

Its truly an amazing power you NOW have been given.
And it works like magic as I am sure you will find.

The good news is as you pepper your mind with these success images,
you will begin to realize something. There is no effort needed
to slide through life easily and effortlessly. Right up to the top.
And this service comes to you as a bonus at no charge for being a member
of Vincent Palko’s Success Club.

Give it a whirl, my friend.

Best regards,

Vincent William Palko

Ps. This above email only scratches the surface of how to put the past in the
past and move on. “Drop the Lament In Cement” is a quick example of what arrives at your door each
month as a fraction of my total Success Package.
What you did not experience is the what to do once your Beast of Burning
is buried… To find out that — sign up for my new Success Club.

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