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Electricity is in the Air

There is a debate among
fitness gurus as to whether
working out by yourself or
with a group is better.

Here’s my take. Sit back and enjoy.

There are times when I workout
by myself.  However, if given the opportunity
to workout in the gym or with a partner, I opt for
the latter.

A new awakening and silver lining that came
out of a long, harsh winter and wet spring.
I spent much more time in the gym as a result.

Here is why working out around others provides a 30% better workout.

First though, a couple of stories.

Back on September 12, 1992 I had
the amazing pleasure fulfilling a childhood
dream of playing at the Horseshoe stadium
against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

There was a “small” crowd of 94,808
watching on.  Biggest in school’s history
up to that point.

People asked me afterwards what it
was like to play in front of skyscrapers
of screaming fans.

Electricity was in the air…foh show!

Move up on the timeline to my first
marathon in Chicago in 2004.

There were 1.5 million people in
the streets cheering us runners onto
victory.  This made 94,000 look like
bread crumbs scattered on the ground.

On top of that, there were 40,000 runners
all moving in one direction like a giant snake pulling you through the city
streets helping you reach the finish line.

How could this be. I guess you just have
to experience one for yourself to understand.
The positive reinforcing energy was real.

Again, electricity was in the air!

Now take the average gym.

There are other folks like yourself working
towards a common goal: to lose weight
and improve their health.

Yes, electricity is in the air!

I’d rather be in that environment to keep pushing you.
People of all shapes and sizes and age ranges… they
are there with you. To inspire you, motivate you, and pick you
up when you are having an off day.

I’ve always been a big team player kinda guy. Can ya tell?

Now, its not like I’m chatting up a storm with these
folks sucking their energy. I keep my “convoes” to a minimum.
However, just being around each other is like pulling clothes from
a dryer after tumbling for awhile, you feel a spark.

But this isnt static electricity, its dynamic electricity.

The other folks and you, while moving around,
exchange uplifting sparks the whole time you are there.
You probably didnt even realize it.

Now there is a time to be alone and meditate.

There is also a time to get after it (exercise) on your own.

If you are starting out or need a mental lift,
the place you need to be is around other fitness fanatics.

No excuses. Get moving. Your body will love you for it!

Ciao for now,

Vince Palko

P.S. My LB Fitness program works great in
the gym or on your own.  Check it out
Yes, you can pull motivational sparks from the guy teaching you
in this video. Got on it today. No excuses.

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