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Energetic People Apply Within

Went up to the movie store last night to grab a flick.
Been meaning to see Will Ferrell’s new release
Blades of Glory.

But before I got into the store …

Was caught off guard when I drove into the parking
lot and read the huge sign
that usually promotes a new movie to
the passers by.

Instead it read, “Energetic People Wanted — Apply Within.”

Now, I know finding good talent is hard, hard these days.

But I didnt know that ENERGETIC people
are hard to find on top of that.

Too funny.

I guess it goes to show you we are losing more and more
of our energy as a society.

To the point where most young kids are zapped
of any extra juice. And they show up to work
lifeless. It takes everything they have to simply
stand up straight. Im assuming most interact in a slunched over lazy
adolescent manner – piss poor for representing a
company when dealing with customers.

Hence the message on the sign.

Hmmm, lets break it down.

More video games.

More iPods.

More distractions.

More Plasma, LCD, HD and other devices to enhance the
viewing experience. Suckin people
into the couches even more.

We are facing an ENERGY epidemic.

It goes to my point in order to energize yourself
you must move. Not sit. Or lay.

Unintuitive – I know. You would think the opposite.
Sitting conserves energy. Laying down gathers it.

But it doesnt.

Moving yourself revs the engine and keeps it running.

To get started you simply need a few minutes
outta the day to put you on the right course.

A few minutes doing increased intensity
workouts like what I teach in Linebacker Fitness.

But even if you dont jump rope. Getting up and going for
a walk or doing yard work around the house
will fire up your system.

This wont burn fat because its not
sustained activity at a high heart rate
but it will
get your blood pumpin and energy ignited.

To fire up the fatt burners…

Focus yourself on the jump rope for
10 minutes a day and you are done.

Then you are free to go about your day, getting
other things accomplished.

AND to get toned while you do your cardio,
be sure to add our WEIGHTED speed rope to your shopping cart. This builds muscle in your arms while you skip.

Its like getting a two-fer in one workout. Great
for throwing yourself a change-up every now and again.

Have a good weekend,

Vince Palko

Ps. Grab Triple Your Endurance to find out how
this here clydesdale gathers tons of energy to accomplish
task after task, day after day – all year long. Go here NOW …

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