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Energy of a Bullet Train

Well, this is sure to rattle your typical way of doing things.

You may think this topic has to do with some European
influence after living there for some years.

There is a powerful way to get more
done and get even more done when
you have a full to do list.

A couple weeks ago I told
you not to shower after exercise.

Yeah, kinda hard if you work a real
job, unlike me, and have to be dressed,
and odor freee interacting with colleagues.

However, this weekend is Memorial
Day, so it will give you a perfect opportunity
to put this into practice.

Here is the reason why not to shower after exercise.

Exercise folks understand the euphoria you experience
once done with a round of activity.

Pick any exercise … lets say Linebacker Fitness.

When you get up at the crack of dawn &
wrap up this 18 minute routine, you feel:

- No pain
- On top of the world.
- Like there aint no mountain you cant climb
- Energized and awake
- No negative news can hold you back
- Elated and excited for what the day brings
- Energy to tackle any challenging task
- Energy to go the distance – all day long

Well why would you wash all that energy and those feelings away.

Sure you still have those feelings lingering
after a rinse down but there are not as strong.

Keep the feel good energy flowing all day.
Dont shower until you got 3 or 4  major outta the way
and see how much more productive and focused you

Enjoy the lightning bolts flying off you
as you wrap up projects left and right
in half the time.

Not only will you get more done… but
the work will have a high level of enthusiasm
infused into it.  So if you write, draw, paint, garden,
or troubleshoot your computer – there will be
extra pop in your work – taking less effort on your behalf.

Dont laugh about being stinky, just try it.

Im sure you’ll like it.

Happy Memorial Day,

Vince Palko

P.S. And if you wanna just relax on your day off
Monday, I guess that’s fine too.

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