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Erase Fear and Self Doubt Instantly

Okay, okay, so the Bears took one on the chin two nights ago.

I got blasted with emails from two kinds of
Palkoholics yesterday.

The first group wanted to let me know my team lost.
One guy even dug up an email from
a few weeks ago with the prediction I made.
Good stuff Maynard.

I like when others hold me accountable. It means
they are in the game.

The other group of Palkoholics I heard
from were the ones focused on themselves
by investing in Linebacker Fitness.
People who know to hold themselves accountable
with their health and fitness.

Gobbling up Linebacker Fitness
in droves, these doers are sick and tired
of being overweight and out of shape.
They want to change their life for the better.

They are done with their old selves. They want
to save their health from spiraling out of control. People who are tired of risking
all kinds of diseases from adding more poundage to their
frames. Enough is enough. To those I applaud your efforts.

Thy will be done.

How about you?

One of the many positives about LB Fitness is I reveal the correct
way to jump rope. We’re not just talking about weight loss results here
either. Do as I instruct and you can instantly wipe fear, anxiety, and worry
all from your mental dashboard. It begins as soon as you grab the rope.


Well, once you get your rope spinning, your mind relaxes
and goes into a meditative state. This happens because of the sound of
the rope hitting the ground.

Include the TWO main points I reveal in
and self-doubt and fear will vanish. This’ll reprogram the mind
for success in weight loss or any other goal
you might have.

And at the same time your midsection will shrink like someone pulling
on your belt, down to the loop it was three years ago! Wow, what
a feeling that will be, eh?


Vince Palko

P.S. The key is to begin. Begin now.
Linebacker Fitness

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