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Erase Your Memories of Mistakes

Last Friday, I was invited to speak to
the defensive unit
of the Bowling Green Falcons
before their televised game against Akron U.

Prior to speaking with
the unit, Coach Ward shared with me that the week before
the defense collapsed after their opponents first drive.
Ohio U returned the kickoff to BG’s 25-yard line.

The first play, BG ran a blitz
with their best defensive player
that should have resulted in a sack.
Instead, the fullback picked him up and the
QB scrambled for 20 yards down to BG’s 5 yard line.

After that, the Falcons seem to fold their tents.
They tried to finish strong, but couldn’t.
BG had 3 and ½ quarters to recover,
circle the wagons and put the screws to
Ohio U. But couldn’t come out of their funk.

They lost.

So one thing I shared with the defense is Friday was …

In football, you are going to get knocked
down — both figuratively and literally.
It’s a lot like life.

The talented pro players though
have the ability to erase their memory banks.
They have short term memory failure, which is a good thing.
That’s a figure of speech to be able to wipe there
minds free of any past failure.
Wipe the “hard-drive” completely and move on.

And if you ever get knocked down
and try to get up too slow – you get knocked down even harder the second time.
It usually comes from someone out of the blue – unexpectedly.

So the key is to pop off the ground – like you were never down.
And sprint to where the ball is and tackle the ball carrier.

And like I told the players whether there is 11 minutes
on the clock or 11 seconds you go lights out
in pursuit of your mission – which is victory.
Soon as you snap on the chin strap
and get back in the game… Pin your ears back
and set your hair on fire.

Now if you find yourself saying, “So what Vince.”
This is just another one of your football stories.

Think again.

This formula is the same for handling adversity in life.

In football, you the opportunity to
start each series fresh and new.
Just like the ability you have to start
each day fresh and new.

No matter what happened last year,
yesterday or 40 minutes ago.

Each game, each series, each quarter, each snap
is another chance to come back assess your position
and keep moving forward to get the job done right.

And if you don’t succeed you cruising around average.
You fail — so what, you’ve running about average.
Get up, dust off, pat yourself on the butt,
keep your head down and always move forward.

You are bound to score a touchdown or get a sack.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Ps. Check out my success and fitness products
that rapidly transform you into
a better YOU …

Pps. By the way, BG crushed Akron that night on ESPN, 44-20.

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