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Even a Monkey at the Zoo

Had a gent write in regarding my email on when to celebrate after working out. I discussed when to hold back and when to allow yourself a break in terms of food.

Let’s move to his email and then I’ll give him my feedback …

Dear Vince,

Good article but it raised a question or two. If a person is celebrating by
eating junk food, how’s that a good thing? Exercise should include
strengthening the mind by knowing the right choices and then, choosing them!
Of course, you’re talking about beginners but isn’t this the right point to
get the beginners in the frame of mind that one is on the road to
improvement and betterment and part of that is learning to confront and
choose wisely?

I believe the exercise is an activity that requires patience and persistence
but you have to work towards that point where it becomes ‘second nature’ and
that’s where rewards can come but by then, you’ll be proud of what you’ve
accomplished and hopefully will choose the right foods to further what
you’ve accomplished so far.

Well, that’s my humble opinion. What’s your take on my questions? Please



You bring up some good questions, Bruce, but I have to hold myself back on this one.

The reason I’ve been able to hold 40 plus pounds off my body for several years now is NOT because I turned my diet upside down, overnight. It’s because little by little I cut out the bad and integrated the good. You can listen more about that in the course called Triple Your Endurance.

Anyone who tells you to quit cold turkey is full of beans.

There is something called the pendulum. If it swings too far one way (meaning you cut out ALL the crap today) it will swing back the other way just as fast – leaving you worse off than when you started.

Now, obviously, you don’t want to eat crap. The average monkey in the zoo knows that. What I want to share is how to cut it out once and for all.

There is no doubt people quit eating crap instantly but show me someone who’s done this for more than a few weeks or a month.

The key is moderation and moderate.

1. Everything in moderation
2. Moderate your actions

You probably heard the first point but let me flesh out the second.

By recording what you eat in your 3E generator leads to more awareness and allows you to see if at the end of the day why you feel crummy, have zero energy or why you feel great based your diet pattern.

You can then start anchoring bad feelings with the junk.

Quick example. About five years ago, I was a Doritos junkie. I’d eat ‘em all the time. Were not talking handfuls, we’re talking “bag” fulls.

When I started “Moderating” my diet in my 3E Generator, I quickly learned something about myself. I ‘d get these Rock You Like a Hurricane headaches and instead of reach for the Aspirin, I reached for the 3E Generator.

I page thru and discover that even if I only had a small handful of these particular chips, my head would thump like a muther scratcher.

Though it took a few reps, I began experimenting with anchoring crummy feelings with this junk food snack.
Before I knew it, this food didn’t seem appealing to me anymore. In fact, to this day I avoid them all together alonfg with other snacky, snacks.

So, yes, Bruce, patience and persistence is good. But more important is moderation and to moderate.

Backing down the junk little by little is more sustainable over the long haul.

When you have your diet down pat your body fat will erode like a sand cliff in a windstorm. Go here to pick up your Fat Reducing and Energy Infusing course.

Be a Stallion,

Vince Palko

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