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Expect the Worst– REALLY?

‘Twas sitting with a friend at breakfast
one morning the other day minding my own bid-ness.
Well, not totally minding my own beez-wax.
But I could not help myself.

The table of guys behind me
were laughing and carrying on
with the waitress.

Not sure how they got on the topic

The lead dog spoke up,
“I always expect the worst and
then when something goes right,
I’m glad for it.”

“Mr. breath of fresh air” continued,
“Its just that those things that go right
dont come as often as I like. But Im not
pissed because my expectations are low.
So it works for me.”

Then the table rumbled with chuckles.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Sad truth is I believe this guy is not alone.
There are many people who share
this belief.

Cept’ people these days seem to
be in a world of hurt. And adopt the attitude above.
Or so it seems.

When things seem most bleak, is just the very
moment things change for you. If and a BIG if
you can hold the images of what you want
to have happen in your life.

Expecting the worst gives you the worst.

Expecting the best sets up a vibration
that attracts what you expect from the universe.

But it cant be a “sometimes feeling”. It has to
be an “all the time feeling.”

I coach my clients on the fact that its
the images you hold in your mind determine
how your life turns out.

The exciting news is I am in the process of wrapping up a new
book that explores this in more depths.

You can see a slice of the new teaser trailer for it here,
Visual Affirmations.

Until then, keep the images you hold
in your mind on only what you want…

And expect the BEST.  You deserve it!

Ciao for now,

Vince Palko

P.S. Go check it out here– Visual Affirmations

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