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Face Your Problems Head On

Was a watchin’one of those survivor man series
on Discovery the other night.

Anyway, the crazy host jumped out of
a helicopter and parachuted to earth.

His mission: purposefully strand himself on a remote
island and see if he could survive. Oh yeah, and take along a
crazy camera man to film it all too.

Have you seen the one I’m talking about?

As he was approaching the water he released
his parachute so he would NOT get caught up
in the ropes and such.

He swam to shore and found some kind of
coral in the water that had natural sun bathing lotion
in it. He held it up and dripped SPF from its
loins… he rubbed it all over his body… saying,
“Oh this is great. I can feel it working already. This is
equal to SPF 50. And I am not hurting the animal at all”

Ten minutes later the camera showed
a pink skinned host working through
some next challenge. The coral must not be as good
as Coppertone 50 SPF.

However, he did have a great point about fitness.
The third or fourth day of limited water and food… he
was still exercising.

Reason was he knew that exercise releases endorphins
to the body. And this mental feel good drug
helps tackle the next challenge he would face.

People exercise for many reasons. One guy I know is
addicted to “feeling good.” In the past it was cocaine
that gave him the feel goods. These days its exercise.
“The feel good rush from fitness is better because
there is no crash…” he explained.
He has cut out sugar and flour and looks

“Exercise is my POSITIVE ADDICTION,” he grinned.

Life happens to all of us and we need a release… way
to burn energy… something to make us feel good.

And when you exercise your entire body at once….

1) Challenges dont weigh you down.
2) Challenges dont stay around very long.
3) Challenges dont control you, you control them.

One of the many reasons people are enjoying
the new Super Body Blitz is the variation of drills and movements
that make every day a new routine to follow and flush
those negative feelings from your system.

One friend joked with me that I looked so sad
in the before picture compared to the after…
and this is a classic example of doing one or
two exercises for a triathlon over and over (sour frown)…
compared to multiple exercises and mixing and matching
them on a daily basis to keep it new and fresh (smile).

Also, just because you exercise
doesnt mean you are going lose weight
and the before shot is proof of this.

I stay consistent with exercise because
It helps me tackle challenges on a daily basis.
You should too. It will do wonders for your mental
clarity and emotional stability.

Now, let’s get after it.

Push On,

Vincent Palko

P.S. I am down to 43 sets of the new Super Body Blitz
and when they are gone the price will heading north…
so grab your set now and get all the bonuses that come
with – while supplies last. Visit the ultimate exercise routine.

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