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Fast, Furious, and Fun

Okay, now some quick thoughts
as promised recapping some of the Get Tough
seminar I attended.

Last week, a large group of doers assembled
into one room – to improve themselves.

One woman went as far as to say,
“I want to get my butt kicked this weekend.”

Not too many people look for a good butt
whoopin but this particular lady did…

… and I think she got her moneey’s worth
after a full day session on Saturday.

One by one presenters stood up and
shared with the audience amazing ideas
and ways to train.

I will share more on their programs in the coming days.

Not one of the presenters
regurgitated information already on the market.

Everything was original and EFFECTIVE as hell.

Later in the day, this group of doers were then asked by me
to do several Linebacker exercises and drills
toning and strengthening their bodies the fittest fastest way.

These exercises were lifted from my new course
the Super Body Blitz

You see, football is a sport where you train
relentlessly for “6 seconds.” This is the average time
a play lasts. Therefore, no exercise is done in a long slow
manner. So why should you care about these football
drills if you never plan on playing the sport.
Super question … this style of training leads to shorter, quicker
intervals because of the simple yet unusual body movements.

Then once a dozen minutes are up, the routine is through.
Sometimes its done in 9 minutes depending on
how much time you have.
During the routine you give me everything you
have – so you can get it done quickly
and effectively. I call it the Fast, Furious, and Fun
way to exercise.

One participant shared her comments
with me the week following the seminar:

“Vince, I really enjoyed your Super Body Blitz.
It was fast and fun. There was something about
the energy in the room with all the people that
made it feel like football practice! I loved it!

Maybe next time we can throw some balls and
tackle a bit! :) I enjoyed listening to you speak.

You seemed very real and sincere. You gave me
chills when you got emotionally fired up!”



You can tell the contenders from the pretenders in the way they approach life. This woman brought her young child to the seminar, had a babysitter watch her in the room and was there to improve herself
and pick up clues to ratchet up her health.

She gets two thumbs up from me. As well
as the MAN who was beat red in the face, about 40 pounds overweight … gasping for breath – training with the rest.

When I tapped him on the shoulder advising him
to take a break… HE KEPT GOING.

He marched on and never quit. He had that NEVER SAY DIE LOOK in HIS EYE. NICE!!!

Those are the people who make
what I do rewarding as hell.

So this begs the question – What kind of person are you.


Vincent Palko

Ps. Grab my latest and greatest course that’s Fast Furious
and Fun … go to… The Ultimate Cardio workout
You dont have to train your body all day long … just
learn the secrets from those who have a system in place
that works. You live the experience to teach the experience – and thats what Ole Vinnie-Boy likes-a-doin’.

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