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Fastest weight loss system

This A.M. I hit the gym for some round ball activity.
Thats ‘basketball’ for those of you scratching your heads.

After a few bricks and clanks rattled
the rim, the shots started to fall.

Dont worry. I dint get cocky. I have a ways to
go to get into basketball shape.

Grabbed a pick up game with a guy
named Steve and I took one on the chin.
Told Steve I’d be back for more another day.

Afterwards, I had that exhausted feeling
that usually accompanies the first few times
playing a new sport.

Basketball is superb for building wind
and cutting weight fast. For proof take a gander
at your local high school, college or pro b-ball players.

Cut up – they be!

Basketball is great if you can get to the gym.

What if you cant. What can you do.

Good questions. The herky-jerky stop and start
motion, and hopping can best be simulated for only
a few minutes with my Jump Rope.

Skipping rope builds lung power. Skipping rope builds
stamina. Skipping rope builds muscle.
Want proof. Take a gander at a boxing match as you pass
by the channel on your big screen.

These boxers skip a ton of rope along with other plyometric exercises.

Say you are just a beginner. No worries.

Start with one skip.

Yes, one. Get good at one- just like anything else
you are learning for the first time. Spend 5 minutes a
day doing just one.

Then make it a goal to get five and then ten skips.

After a while you’ll be skipping nonstop for a minute.

Then add two and three and four.

Soon, you’ll be skipping for 20 minutes
and then you’ll be done.

Get on board with the rope because once you start
you’ll never want to put it down.

If you want your very own program
to pull out when you get the itch
to jump, the page you need to click on is the
fastest weight loss system

Now lets melt that fat FAST – starting ten minutes ago.




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