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Fat Dads and Donuts Day

Okay, that title was not on the flyer sent home
with the kids. I added the fat part.

Went to Sophia’s Daddy and Donuts Day this morning
at the crack of dawn.

What a sight — three thousand dads and kids packed into the cafeteria
room eating donuts, sippin juice and drinking coffee.

In case you are wondering, indeed I did
have a d-nut. I passed on the coffee though.

Truth is, by just walking to my car after
walking Sophia back to class -
I burned off that donut.

There was a time though when I felt
as if every morsel I put into my body clung
to my waistline.

Not letting go of it.

That was (pre) Linebacker Fitness
days about a couple years ago.

This morning, I noticed either really fat dads or
really fit dads in the lunch room.

No ‘tweeners.

People who decided to make a conscious
effort to stay healthy and those who let
their bodies go to seed. Were are talking
4 to 1 in favor of the fats.

In doing much work with the American Diabetes
Association and Canadian Diabetes Association,
I learned that more than half these pudgy pops
are potential walking diabetics.

But there is no way to stop ‘em.

They dont have ears to hear that kind of news.
Tis a sad thing.

But they can decide for themselves to change.
As if to slam their fists on the table saying enough is ENOUGH.

When I worked for the man, I organized 5 minute walks
with my fellow workers.

Someone would call for the walk break and even if I had something
pressing, I’d go.

I had a discussion with one of the bosses. Who supported
our behavior. But didnt want us to abuse it.

He joked with me, “I wonder if you will still take five minute
breaks when you working for yourself.”

Yes, good question.

Hey pal, I now take 1 hour breaks.
Sometimes two. Why because I always come back focused, energized
and am more productive.

Every friggin employer should do the same for their
employees. They should install showers in every office.
So at lunch employees can grab a jump rope from
– never leave their office and start spinnin.

Once finished, take a shower
and get back to their desks feeling great, staying focused on
tasks and ultimately delivering better bottom line results for the

The rope will build your endurance to make you more productive.
It will also energize you. Leaving other employees
guessing why you got the raise or job promotion and they didnt.

Win-win it would be.


Well, it would stop the onset of diabetes for these chunky employees.

The company/plant would be more efficient and
would slash escalating healthcare costs.
Just to mention a couple
major benefits.

Now you can wait around for your employer to get on board
with “Palko’s Saving the Planet” plan.

Or you can take it upon yourself to spend 10 minutes with
the rope every morning before you hit your job
and take control of your own destiny.

Personally, I always opt for being in the drivers seat.
Not someone else. Hey, but thats me.

And you can too.


Vince Palko

Ps. Attack life like Vinnie P the office and life Linebacker.
Then you will be Agile, Mobile and Hostile. Grab your set here and NOW…

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