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Fight Fat with Fire

You’ve heard the saying fight fire with fire.

Here’s a new twist on that old adage, but first a little diddy.

When I was little I was a bit chunky. Okay a lot chunky.
The kids in the neighborhood, my cousins, and other school
chums would all take pot shots and poke fun at my weight.

“Whats Up, Skinny Vinnie.”

“Wanna play on our team Skinny Vinnie”

Even the parents of  Duke, the meanest kid
in the neighborhood, would have a field
day with me.

One day, when I was 7 or 8 I had had enough. I got right up
and left a streetball game and walked in my house.
I went inside sat down on our red rocking chair in the corner of
my living room and put a “Fat Dunce” cap on.

Feeling extremely sorry for myself, I literally made a hat out of paper
and wrote those words on it.

Can you imagine walking into the living room
and seeing your child with that on.


When Mom took one look at me while walking down our
stairs, she was shocked.

“Vinnie, whats going on?”

“Everyone thinks I’m fat. I’m tired of telling them I’m not.
So I give up.”

She comforted me saying, “Vinnie you are not fat, just big boned.”

Oh thanks, I thought.

“Don’t worry Vinnie, you will show those kids someday
and they will wish they had your size and physique.”

Mom soothed the pain as much as she could. The more she
talked, the more it helped.  “I’ll show them someday,”
I said, and ripped the hat right off and crumpled it up.

Time passd. I was introduced to “Penn States” (a high intensity body
weight and towel workout) in high school
then a full out training regime in college
the same you’ll find in my Super Body Blitz program …

I remember sitting in my dorm room and opening a letter from a
parent from back home. Just so happened to be
one of the parents who would tease me.
It was right after BGSU valiantly played OSU, a Big Ten opponent, on TV.

He congratulated me and enjoyed hearing the announcer
say, “Palko on the tackle” over and over again.

“Yeah, ole ‘Skinny Vinnie’ put the screws too em- didnt he.” I thought.

My point in telling this story is this.

There are people in your life right now who doubt you.

People who make fun of your weight if not to your face behind your

Well, fight FAT with Fire.

Use their comments to fuel you to be better not bitter.

Don’t give up like I did that day. The human body
is a miraculous tool that can heal itself quickly and easily
- practically overnight if you give it a chance.

You just need the right program to give you
the fastest results with the least amount of effort.
Believe you me I know – we are getting busier and busier.

Use peoples negative comments as fuel
- what I mean is see through to the future when
one day you will run into them and watch
how their jaw drops in seeing the newly transformed you.

See their facial expression go from a smile
to “Holy Sheet” and pull all that energy in, mix it with
your anger and frustration and see how this propels you moving forward.

And this is what you need when you are ready to step into that new you:

- You need a program so easy even a kid could do it.

- You need a program that gets results quickly.

- You need a program that doesnt make you get on the floor.

- You need a program that as you excel – you can add more blocks of time
to the end of the previous best workout.

You can get all this and more when you invest in Linebacker Fitness.

When you come out on the other side – I’ll be waiting
to take you through the process to shed pounds as fast as you possibly
can with the amount of time to work with.

Your new you awaits and the naysayers WILL be quieted!


Vince Palko

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