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Funniest interaction so far

Was sitting at Subschownz the other day with the Palko Pink Trio;
Sophia (age 7), Georgia (age 4) and Vivian (age 3).

Handsome guy walks in.

Georgia says to Sophia, “What. Do you think he’s
handsome cause your looking at him?”

Sophia says nothing…

Vivian responds in a squeaky voice while eating a Dorito,
“You better watch it Georgia, or he’ll punch you in the face.”

I sat back and admired my wonderful girls.
I listened as Sophia peppered Georgia with questions
and Georgia fired answers right back.

Hearing their interaction was amusing. They carried on
like I wasnt even there. Also, was kinda cool to be observing what goes
on in a female mind when admiring the opposite sehx.

Now lets talk success for a spell.

What if you could take a step back and observe
all the chatter that goes on in your head on
a daily basis. See it for only that – just chatter.
Like I observed my girls.

When you meditate this makes this process a heck of
a lot easier.

Why would you want to do this.

Well, when you are a detached observer watching yourself -
you can assess yourself and your situation as just that
flashes coming in and out of your mind.

Thats how you handle the negative chatter
that exists all around you these days.

See it as chatter – nothing else.
When you reach the point where this chatter is
amusing – then you know you are connected
to your higher power.

To learn a meditation that connects you
to source, eliminates the chatter, and leaves you feeling energized
and alive – grab a seat on the Success Rocket Ride ship.

Because you never want someone else to
be in control of your thoughts – only you.


Vince Palko

P.S. If your world is falling apart and is negative
right now. Do what Suzanne Summers said,
“Find ways to turn negatives into positives” – after
being fired from Three’s Company and becoming
a best selling author and successful entrepreneur.

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