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Give 20 to Receive 120

Some people want to know when the
best time to exercise is.

It depends. Both times of the day are great.
You’ll never hear that I frown on either.

Your body is moving – thats the important part.

At the same time, morning versus evening
depends on your needs.

I’ll give you one example.

Yesterday, I was interviewed on the topic of
making your passion your profession.

And at one point we discussed
how to utilize your day to bring your passion to
life. He said, “What would you
tell my coaching clients who put in 40-50 hour weeks
and come home with no extra energy to work on their business.”

I said, “Fitting in exercise in the morning is critical.
If you get up in the morning and just get 20 minutes in -
later that evening you’ll get back an extra
hour or two to focus on your book, business or hobby.”

Most people think you need energy
to exercise, this is completely false.
There are some mornings I dont have any juice in
the tank.

But if I hit the back deck with a round of Lightning Linebacker Fitness,
my day just got energized. And it stays with you all day long.

Get the notion out of your noggin that you
need energy to exercise – you need EXERCISE to be ENERGIZED.

Now why LB fitness compared to any other program.
Well, I said, 20 minutes is good in the morning.
However it takes about 5-7 minutes and I am
huffing and puffing.

Now I dont jump the entire time – especially if you are just
starting out … follow what I teach on the end of DVD 1 in the
fifteen minute workout and you will be good to go.

LB fitness is effective because when you
train this way, your blood pumps faster,
you take in more oxygen, and in the least amount
of time. After 10 minutes you’ll feel like
you just trained for 30 big ones.

Your newly ENERGIZED mind and body
tackles any challenge or good news the day may deliver.

Jump your way to Linebacker Fitness
and grab the course designed for
the person on the go.

All for now.


Vince Palko

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