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Go From Subpar to Superior

My college linebacker coach, Bob Babich,
and I were on the phone the other day.

Bob is the assistant head coach of the Chicago Bears
who also has the great fortune of coaching
the legendary linebacker, Brian Urlacher.

When we talked I asked him, “How do you coach
a pro-bowl athlete like that.”

“You let him do anything he wants.”

“Quite the opposite approach as me, eh coach,” I asked.

Next what he said was funny.

“Yeah, Brian Urlacher … Vennie Palko, not too big
of a difference there,” in his southern draw with a
sarcastic undertone.

Its all good though.

Coach is right, Brian is a fantastic athlete and competitor.

I was just a competitor. A competitor who had to get “creative”
to take my performance to the next level.
And to always stay one step ahead of people
trying to steal my starting position – since
I was a young freshman.

One scout from Cleveland told my agent,
“Vince is a guy who makes plays that a guy his size
and speed shouldn’t be making – yet, he still makes them.”

However, being that the NFL is big business
and weighs everything on paper,
height, weight, speed and so on,
the intangibles were overlooked and this
non-athlete didnt get picked up.

I didnt give up, I got an opportunity to play overseas
and it turned out to be a time filled with amazing adventures
to select cities abroad and great instruction for my future
design career.

My point is I was a subpar athlete. Yet, it was my imagination
that took me to the next level.

I believe anyone can use their imagination to go from
subpar athlete to superior; from fat to fit, from shy to assertive,
from fearful to confident, from poor to wealthy. And so on.

Without getting too deep, the key is to add ONE IMPORTANT
element when you take time to imagine.

This will transform the way you experience success.

I write more about this and illustrate my thoughts
in this month’s edition of the Success Rocket Ride Club.
This edition will give you a crystal clear picture of it and how to apply it
for maximum results.

So if you are not a member, make sure
to go over to … Achieve Great Success
and sign up NOW. I will include the last three
months newsletters to the first 17 who sign-up.
This will advance your learning tap
into your subconscious to achieve what you
want to attract into your life.

Push On,

Vincent Palko

P.S. And for all those wondering … both May and June editions
will ship out next week. The package forthcoming is loaded
with goodies that will salt and pepper your noggin with a success marination.

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